Sami Callihan works WWE dark match/tryout

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. WWE needs to get off their asses and sign this guy. Two of their biggest guys now are smaller guys so they shouldn't really think this an issue.

  2. Saw a couple of his promos, going to look up his matches soon, I love his creepiness I hope he gets in :boss1:
  4. I agree his size shouldn't be an issue. As far as I'm concerned, his look shouldn't be either. But with it being WWE I could see them having an issue with his look. I'm sure they would want to repackage him if they do hire him. They should go after him though.
  5. He has many fans in the WWE and his former tag partner is currently working for them as Dean Ambrose. I think they can work well with Callihan
  6. I wonder if Callihan and Ambrose would debut as a tag team? :hmm:
  7. Ambrose needs to debut on his own, he's far too talented for the tag division (once D-Bry and Kane lose their titles).
  8. Agreed. I think he would fit in well. I just know how WWE places such importance on the "look" of their Superstars and having them at least somewhat fit the mold. So I could see them taking issue with his appearance, but that's easy to change. They should take him for his talent / abilities and the fact that he would be a good fit with the company overall, as well as appealing to the fanbase he already has in WWE like you said.
  9. This. I'll mark out when Ambrose makes his WWE TV debut, and while he and Callihan could be good tag partners on WWE, I would rather they debut individually so they can stand out better on their own within the company.
  10. Yes a change of look without taking from his talent is easy in Callihan's case. Just get him some new ring gear and maybe a haircut and he'd fit in well. He's 5ft11 so he's now that small. Let him work as a modern day Foley.
  11. ^ Now you're talking. :otunga: Seriously hoping they do offer him a contract. Then I'll just have to be worried whether they will utilize him well or not. I pull for good indie talents and such to go forward in the promotions, but then hate to see WWE let good talented wrestlers go to waste, more or less.
  12. Contract with him being actually used well and such? :yes:

    Contract with him in FCW or NXT, or jobbing on Raw or SD? GTFO.
  13. Being on NXT isn't really a bad thing now. NXT is WWE's best product by a country mile.
  14. What this man said.
  15. There's now a title in NXT, right? Hmm, from what you're saying, it might not be bad, yes.

    Still, I fear for his future if he signs with 'E, especially if they're so worried about his size.
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