Sami Zayn: Aligning with KO or Feuding with Shane?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Wrasslemaniac, Oct 9, 2017.

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  1. After Sami Zayn saved his buddy KO from shane and helped him win. The immediate reaction was that he turned heel and has aligned with KO by saving him.

    This was my initial reaction too but on viewing the many replays of the spot they show its got me thinking by looking at how Sami reacts. Sami isn't helping KO, he's costing Shane. He isn't aligning with KO, he is starting a feud with Shane.

    Sami's body language seems to suggest he can't believe that he's lowered himself to helping someone who put him out of action to get to Shane and someone who has haunted him his entire career. The way he goes back against the cell looking down at shane. He's panicing. He can't believe what he's actually done and decides to follow through by placing KO on top for the pin.

    But why?

    Simply put, Sami making the switch was made a big deal for SDLive but since the switch he's accomplished nothing. Sami is simply fed up for getting nowhere and decided to make a statement to get his way and unfortunately that meant helping his arch nemesis in the process. It technically should lead to Sami vs Shane at Survivor Series but based on AJ Styles' comments post-show it looks like it will be Owen-Zayn vs Styles & McMahon if anything.

    This is my opinion at least but if it is a case of him aligning with KO then this would surely lead to another KO turn on Zayn and match at Wrestlemania no doubt.

    What does everyone think is actually happening? Do you think he's aligning with KO or simply wanting to go after Shane?
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  2. Oh, I think it will be both. Smackdown needs a top heel that isn't going "You all rook the same" and are compelling characters. Sami Zayn has had probably one of the best face characters in a long time because it is believable and his promos aren't just "Aww shucks" he has fire. Just booking has hurt him.

    He can be justified as a heel due to the way he has been pushed to the side for a year, and his alliance with KO can be a way for him to crack through to his friend.
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  3. Sami broke a thousand hearts:cry:
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  4. All I really care about is that Sami is finally getting proper T.V time and hopefully this can lead to a push for him.
    I had the thought of him costing Shane due to past events on Sd Live but never really though they'd go through with it; while it was sad I'm very interested to see where they go now
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  5. Bingo! We have a winner!
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  6. So its an amalgamation of both aligning with KO and going against Shane then. Interesting but i now feel like they need to give him some new music if he is going heel with this one.

    When KO was hugging him i did still expect him to knock Sami down and tell him he doesn't need anyone so surprised that KO is going with this.

    Wonder how Jericho feels about this, afterall he just wanted to be KO's friend
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