Sami Zayn losing the mask is already helping him.

Discussion in 'NXT' started by seabs, May 25, 2013.

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    You want competition holmes?
    Whilst I understand it's very early on in his WWE career I can't help but feel from his start at least that losing the mask was good for him, his facial expressions are really good and it adds an easy way for him to connect with the audience. His body language has always been excellently exaggerated to connect with the audience and now he's done that along with his expressions it's worked better still. Also I can't help but think the Generico character would have seen him just flying around as another luchadore without much development but he's been shown already to be a humble guy with all the athletic talent in the world and a likable persona as someone who loves competition. He's very similar to Cesaro's current gimmick, both are well travelled with many skills however Sami is proud but not arrogant whilst Antonio is brash and cocky with it. This makes it the perfect feud for Sami's entry to the big leagues and it was perfectly booked as both men have momentum.
    How do you feel Sami is working without the mask, if you were disgruntled with him losing it before is that still the case at this early stage?
    Do you feel Zayn can get over with the WWE universe?
    How long do you see him staying on NXT for?

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  2. I have complained about unmasking him but yeah, seeing it now it won't be a problem, his facial expressions are indeed a great way to get over. I do feel he can get over as he's very likeable and whatnot. Not really sure for how long he'll stay down there, he seems to be pretty much adapted to the WWE style from his two matches.
  3. I agree with you, He has a new start here for most fans and it seems good for him, I believe he will be in NXT for a year or 2, maybe less like Cesaro but if I had to guess I would go with a year or 2, He needs time to develop his character and get used to working WWE crowds and such, He really has connected with the fans and him going over Cesaro gave him a good rep as a face. This man has a bright future it seems.
  4. I've seen some people say it's too much like your typical WWE babyface and doesn't stand out like El Generico did, but really that's not such a bad thing in this case.
    Zayn is playing "smiley goody two-shoes" very well. It doesn't feel forced at all, he seems like a regular everyday guy just with countless hours of wrestling experience all around the world.

    So far all signs point towards this new character being fantastic for the former El Generico.
  5. I just hate his name. So much.
  6. I watched his match against Curt Hawkins and the crowd really liked him. They were chanting Sami instead of Ole! Never thought I would see it happen but people really like Sami.
  7. His facial expressions are fantastic, and whilst at first I was slightly sour after he lost his mask, I am definitely over it. The guy seems talented enough to work with anything, and I can see the fans connecting with his nice guy persona.
  8. Never cared for the mask. I was worried about WWE using him right. It seems they are, he looks good from the start, so I have no complaints. Still need to see more of him though in WWE, but he seems to be very good right now.
  9. I wasn't really worried about him losing the mask. I had seen a bit of his previous work and knew what the guy was capable of and how well he connects with a crowd. So far he has been booked extremely well. for those interested the spoilers for the next months worth of NXT episodes says that his next match with Cesaro was even better than the one from this week.
  10. What is his character about?
  11. He's only been on two episodes so far, on one he just cut a backstage promo and on the other he traded wits and punches with Cesaro so his character is not that fleshed out. So far I'd say he is the humble, world traveled veteran who's come to WWE to prove himself. But I am sure it will grow with time. He also showed that he is just as smart as Cesaro, cutting a promo in multiple languages (revealing that he is a Muslim in real life whilst doing so. Generico's parents are from Syria.)
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  12. I am not Arab. I don't know Arabic. I am Turk.
  13. Thus why I wrote POSSIBLY. I was unsure on if you knew Arabic or not. The turks I know up here in Sweden speak both or know Arabic to a degree.
  14. As Dolph, I hate his name, makes me think about One Direction and that makes me feel angrier... It's not that I hate One Direction but I dislike them so much...
  15. I still see that intensity with Sami, which is a plus considering some people thought he would lose his confidence without the mask.I still think though he needs a updated attire to really shine.
  16. The writing on the front of his tights say " Zayn "

  17. Has he really only been on two episodes? Geez, seems like more.
  18. This guy is awesome, he really is that good/has the potential to be that good. He's charismatic, can wrestle, good facial expressions and good mic skills. Losing the mask, well, I can't really judge as I never saw El Generico but Sami is definitely on a roll.
  19. I really like the name and he has a different look, which is always good :emoji_slight_smile:!
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