Sami Zayn Shoulder Injury

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Koko B., May 5, 2015.

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  1. WWE reported it, it must be true lol:
    First thing I thought when the injury happened: "Wasn't there a big boxing match recently where someone reportedly had an injured shoulder?" And when the match re-started, Cena starts ducking punches.
  2. What a way to make Cena look even more badass.
  3. vanilla. midgets. can't. hang.
  4. Eddie.Guerrero

    Austin. Aries
  5. Sort of proving my point with Guerrero. He clearly couldn't hang.

    Aries is the exception, much like DZ. They should quit from their respective companies and open a new company, VME, Vanilla Midgets Elite.
  6. Well, eddie kind of died, but his career wasn't a injury fuckfest :haha:
  7. As for a company of vanilla midgets, ROH fits the bill. I'd confuse half their roster for pizza guys
  8. WWE is well on its way because every newcomer they have is 6 feet tall and every big guy they try to push fucking slurps dong
  9. You trying to tell me Rusev isn't a well of charisma?
  10. Rusev doesn't have a single attribute I would be looking for if I ran a wrestling company lol. He would be jobbing his ass off
  11. Yeah, he's awful. I was kind of optimist when he debuted though.

    God, I miss Mark Henry.
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    What the heck, October?!
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    We'll miss ya, Sami. Have a speedy recovery.
  15. Whenever Zayn does make his return, he should do so by targeting Kevin Owens and eventually pulling off a huge victory over him by the skin of his teeth, whether it be for the NXT Championship (is it out of the question that Owens could hold onto it and keep defending it all the way into next year?) or for the United States Championship that Owens is about to take from John Cena. The latter is an excellent choice for me, as it would be an awesome way to debut Zayn onto the main roster. However, they'd have to find a good way to bring the casuals up to speed on why he and Owens have such bad blood in the first place since the vast majority of them don't watch NXT.
  16. Sucks that he'll be good for so long. Hope he recovers well.
  17. Backstage Update On Sami Zayn's WWE NXT Return

    What matters the most is that he heals 110%, obviously. Hopefully he's back in the next 3-4 months.
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