Sami Zayn Told to Limit Spots

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Fullofit, May 16, 2013.

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  2. Yet they want sin botcha to do as many spots as possible. sounds like bs
  3. I can understand him not doing as many over the top spots in every match. It would devalue his big matches if you see all his amazing moves in shorter matches on TV if that makes sense.
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  4. ^ What Alkaline said. As long as they aren't limiting him "too" much I can understand it and don't see anything wrong with it. Of course, I can also understand Zayn's likely enthusiasm in wanting to put as much into even his basic matches as possible. But as long as they don't try to reign him in too much and water it down, then I can understand what they're doing and why they would want to save his more extreme spots for bigger events, as well as not doing too many in one match.
  5. How can anyone take that report seriously with the way it is written? fucking gross
  6. Source? Looks like a spider with led legs has walked on the keyboard :haha:
  7. It's Meltzer :terry:
  8. It's like hey you are so damn good. Get the fuck out
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    Don't be silly. They are investing in him. If you were a WWE wrestler who is capable in ring, good on the stick and a possible future investment for the company. Would you go about working every match at a high pace, putting in big spot after big spot after big spot? Increasing the risk of injury every time you do one which could derail your career.

    They aren't telling him to not work. They are telling him to work smart. Save the big spots for the PPVs and high profile matches except for a few. Why should I watch him do a 630 senton bomb from a standing position on a PPV when I can see him do it in a 5 minute match on Smackdown?

    They are investing in him long term by making sure he doesn't burn his body out early.
  10. Wow.

    How long has he been doing this? Why can he not form sentences that don't look like the work of a 3rd grader?
  11. Hasn't he been involved in the business since like the late 80's/early 90's? One would think he would have at least been given some pointers or a "how to" book by now.
  12. He should try this one out

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  13. 2nd edition. Fancy!
  14. I agree with Alkaline, it is just NXT..

    Just wait until he gets to TV for him to have bigger matches with bigger moves.
  15. I'm happy that they're happy with him though
  16. :jbl: i dont care either way. Meltzer reports are so good.
  17. That picture makes more sense then the OP. Up voice, paradise cry play.
  18. Why don't you add a source,or, your opinion on the subject at hand? A copy and pasted thread makes it seem like you don't put effort into your threads and that you're only worried about quantity over quality. Just a bit of advice.
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  19. Great idea, limiting the guy so he doesn't get burn out physically and doesn't do all his stuff in one match.
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