News Sami Zayn's Return Confirmed

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Awesome, I'm so happy! :yay:
  2. Unfortunately I don't watch NXT every week but this tour will have the London TakeOver with Balor vs Joe right? If Zayn shows up there, holy shit, my body isn't even ready :smug:

    IMO he's like a purer Daniel Bryan (in the sense that DB's been a great heel before but Zayn is just too... Zayn to be a heel, ever).
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  3. Tagging @GrammarNazi82 for old time's (should that apostrophe be there?) sake :emoji_slight_smile:

    As for my reply, all you need is just one smiley. :yay:
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  4. I need two smilies for my reply, despite me not watching NXT in forever: :woohoo: + :yay:
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  5. Dude.


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  6. WACO!!
  7. He will eat your children!
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  8. Welcome back! Welcome back! :yay:
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  9. Take a vacation and become more active here. I deserve it.

  10. Where'd his hair go?
  11. Roman gave him ball cancer.:reigns:
  12. His maple donut holes? :meh:
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