Samoa Joe, Asuka and Storm never getting called up?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Roadster, Oct 17, 2015.

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    If this is true, it would be a true shame. Having Joe, Storm and many others just there for no reason is a pretty anti-climatic move. I'd expect to see Joe vs. the big names of the roster and Asuka vs. the big names of the divas roster. I honestly can't get my head around why exactly they're gonna waste so much talent like this. Hopefully - it isn't true.
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  2. They're not wasting them.. That's exactly why they're keeping them on NXT, to put over the younger guys with brighter futures. Joe and Storm are in their mid 30's, people think they're the future of WWE when they'll likely retire in a couple year's... NXT is a hotter product anyways, you think people would rather see them on NXT.
  3. Using the hottest independent stars as staples in a developmental system is a horrible idea. The idea of a developmental system is to get wrestlers used to the WWE style, and neither of them have ever been in the WWE for a pro-longed time. There just going around in circles. Having a trucker teach a class of medical students won't help anyone.

    Storm and Joe retiring in a couple of years is a stupid assumption. I'm pretty sure they're even more dedicated than ever to their career since they got signed by the WWE. I don't even know what makes you think they're gonna retire just because they're in their mid 30s. Which is the age most wrestlers hit their prime, not the age where they start thinking about retiring within the next decade or so.

    Besides that, people want them on the main roster because they want heavily talented workers winning and going after the most well known and renowned wrestling titles in the world. People want their favorites on the main roster because that's the pinnacle of wrestler's careers. People want to see their favorites reach the pinnacle of their career and it isn't going to happen in NXT. Not to mention their likely never gonna get any success in that environment other than a couple of jobs to the guys who are about to leave for main roster.

    Samoa Joe, James Storm and Asuka should be on the main roster because they can be great additions to the roster. They won't ever have the same match quality as they did before, like Joe vs. Punk and Storm vs. Roode. But they're a profitable bunch, and leaving them down there in NXT, would just be a counter-productive and non-profitable way to capitalize on their immense popularity.
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  4. Good. Now stop using people like Breeze as enhancement talents and give them meaningful angles.
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  5. I don't think so for Joe because they got him out of his independent and ROH deal, no?
  6. Wait, so guys who have been wrestling on TV for ten years cannot teach rookies how to wrestle on TV?

    Joe and Storm both know how to work a match for TV, so the trucker teaching a med student argument falls flat. Besides, it's not all about working for TV. Joe in particular can instill a sense of calm in anyone he works with that is needed in wrestling. He helps guys find their feet and their presence in the ring. Also, would you rather see Samoa Joe be Samoa Joe in NXT, or get turned into a fat dancer or something on RAW?

    And Joe retiring in a few years is very likely. He's been working with some fairly serious back pains since around 2006 due to a botched landing. And with his landlord business it isn't like he needs the money.
  7. Fine by me.
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  8. Don't watch main roster, don't care. As long as I get to see Asuka killing people, doesn't matter what show it is in lol. Also, for Storm and Joe this isn't really much of a surprise. It's the same thing they're doing with Rhyno.
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