Samoa Joe Gives Emotional Speech To TNA Roster

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. On one of the final bus rides to the hotel on UK tour, Samoa Joe gave an emotional speech to the TNA roster. He told them that he was proud of them. The UK tour was said to one of the hardest tours ever. Joe said that even with the hard tour, there were no "prima donnas", complainers or whiners. During the speech, the wrestlers even started to chant his name.

    Credit: The Wrestling Observer

    Nice to Joe being the locker room leader once again.

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  2. Yeaaaaa Joe! That's solid stuff, would love seeing him with the title this year.
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  3. Glad to see Joe motivating and thanking the locker room. I think he could make a great locker room leader, and he definitely deserves another world title reign someday soon.
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  4. Reported by the Observer, eh? But I thought Testify didn't take anything Meltzer reported seriously. Tsk tsk.
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  5. Damn, glad to see that Samoa Joe does give credit where it's due. Now if he only cared about his in ring work. Compared to his early TNA days, it doesn't look like he really cares for what he's doing there. I know he does, but he doesn't look half as good as he did back then. It's not even the factor of age, he's still got it in him, he's just not trying. Nonetheless, big props to Samoa Joe.
  6. He seems to care once again now that he's being pushed again, you can see he's trying again and cutting better promos and killing it in the ring.
  7. Was the fatass giving a lecture about food?
  8. Really? You're better than that, brother.

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  9. :okay:
    that was my attempt at humor :urm:
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  10. Sorry. It's been a long day and my meters are apparently off.

    Any progress on a sarcasm font? That would have helped.

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  11. I think you're meaning to refer to Lei'd Tapa.
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Eh....... Samoa Joe making an...... IMPACT.
  14. Jwab, you're better than this. Stop.
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  15. :burns:
  16. Meltzer's occassional bogus numbers and dumb rumors that are called "news" by his followers, and an actual Meltzer news are two totally diferrent things bro.
  17. The Samoan Submission machine is excellent to TNA, I really hope this push goes his way and he does manage to take the strap away from Magnus.
    And then in my ideal world, a couple PPV shows later down the road (two or three) Option C it away again over to Austin Aries!
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  18. Joe vs. Aries at Destination X? Hellz yeah
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  19. :yes::yes::yes:
    I would be completely fine with that! No matter who wins, that match would be quite the scene.
  20. There's a live TNA PPV on April 27th in the Universal Studios, and it is rumored to be Destination X, so it might happen as soon as then. I'd mark tbh.
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