Samoa Joe & Low Ki Advance To Tag Team Tournament Finals!

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    Tag Team Tournament Semi-Final
    MVP and Kenny King vs. Low Ki and Samoa Joe

    IMPACT Wrestling opens with MVP and Kenny King in the ring, awaiting their opponents. Low Ki and Samoa Joe enter.

    Kenny King and Low Ki start it off. King locks in a tight side headlock before driving Low Ki into the corner. He catches Low Ki with a stiff arm to the face before mocking him in the center of the ring. Low Ki battles out of the corner and Samoa Joe and MVP find themselves in the match.

    Joe leads with a series of submission holds that MVP counters into a rolling armbar. Joe reaches the ropes. MVP breaks the hold and Joe unleashes a series of kicks and a leg bar. MVP grabs the bottom rope and Samoa Joe tags his partner.

    Low Ki mounts a small amount of offense before Kenny King is brought back into the fold. King is dominant upon reentry, driving Low Ki to the mat and locking in another headlock. Low Ki battles back with a giant uppercut and tag to Samoa Joe.

    Joe connects with a series of punches and a reverse elbow. He whips Kenny King against the ropes, but MVP pulls his partner from the ring. Joe rushes toward them but they grab his ankles. With Joe struggling to break free, Low Ki flies out of the ring and connects with a suicide dive over the top rope!

    Low Ki makes a pin attempt with Kenny King back in the ring. King’s out at two and Low Ki connects with a kick to the head. MVP catches Low Ki with a cheap shot and then he takes the tag and the advantage.

    MVP drops a big elbow to the back of Low Ki’s head. He follows up with a snapmare and a dropkick. Kenny King tags himself in.

    Kenny King quickly makes a cover, but Joe interrupts the count. Kenny King. As Low Ki tries battling out of a submission, King powers him back down to the mat. MVP comes back into the match. Low Ki takes the moment to connect with a flying back elbow. Just before Low Ki tags Samoa Joe, MVP grabs his ankle and drags him to his corner, to tag Kenny King.

    King and MVP alternate tags and double team Low Ki in between. Low Ki catches both with kicks from the corner. Finally, Low Ki makes the tag! Samoa Joe storms the ring and attempts a pin on Kenny King. MVP interrupts the count and Joe locks in a rear naked choke!

    MVP breaks the hold and Kenny King catches Joe with a solid kick to the face! Low Ki interrupts King’s pin attempt, and then he goes to battle MVP on the outside. Samoa Joe locks in a second rear naked choke to earn the tap-out victory!

    Winners: Low Ki and Samoa Joe


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