News Samoa Joe on Why He Wears a Towel to the Ring

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  1. While speaking with For The Win, Samoa Joe elaborated on why exactly he wears a towel to the ring and revealed that it is inspired by boxing icon Mike Tyson.

    “I think partially it was the grapplers that I enjoyed wore a towel to the ring and they looked like they were ready to rock and roll,” said Joe.

    “Mike Tyson used to come out with the towel poncho. I didn’t get the towel poncho. Just the towel. It’s something I just started to do and never stopped.”

    Although Joe did not reveal where he gets his towels from, he said that he has a roster of them.

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  2. It's obvious why he uses towels during his in-ring appearances. To look like a brawler, a fighter.

    And actually, I like it. It brings character to his gimmick.