Ring of Honor Samoa Joe Returning To ROH Next Month

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, May 26, 2015.

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  2. Big Update On Samoa Joe's Return To Ring Of Honor

    Oh, hell yes!
  3. Samoa Joe will only appear on WWE to stare at people intensely
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  4. And people will still be shitting their pants or act like they just had a stroke. :fact:
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  5. Hopefully his NXT run doesn't last long and he stays on the indy's.
  6. He has a NXT contract. He's the NXT version of Lesnar. He comes and goes in NXT when needed and works indys of his own choice. Triple H trusts him to pick smart dates on the independents and he works NXT from time to time. His manager (same guy who manages Styles, Daniels & Kazarian) worked this deal out for Joe. Thus why he posted on Twitter that he's "re-writing how things are done".

    He's the ultimate wrestling freelancer. He's contracted to the E but allowed to for example go work New Japan if he so wishes
  7. I'm fine with this.
  8. So by this I'm assuming he won't be on the main roster unless he switches up contracts?
  9. They probably don't want to put him up there if they were willing to offer this, yeah.
  10. Worrying where they will get their next meal.
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