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  1. 03.28.15 ROH TV Available to Everyone
    As spring rises from the ashes of Winter, Ring of Honor Television heats up with a new episode coming to you from the William J Myers Pavilion in Baltimore, Maryland.

    We kick things off with the phenom known as Moose taking on the charismatic preacher, Caprice Coleman. Stokely Hathaway & Veda Scott have assisted in keeping Moose undefeated. Can they guide him past the veteran Caprice Coleman? Can anyone stop him?

    The Decades BJ Whitmer and Adam will see action. Whitmer has spent a lot of time playing mind games with ROH TV Color Commentator Steve Corino. This weekend will be no different. Tune in to see what Whitmer has up his sleeve this week.

    Truth Martini surprised on last week’s edition of Ring of Honor Television. He convinced the 2015 Top Prospect Tournament winner Donovan Dijack to forgo an opportunity to face ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal and join the House of Truth. To the shock of just about everyone Dijak accepted. Martini has stated he wants to focus on adding the ROH World Tag Team Championship to the House of Truth and this week see’s the debut of his new tag team consisting of Donovan Dijak and J Diesel. The physically impressive duo will take on the cult favorite Brutal Burgers. Do the Burgers have it in them to overcome the physical style the HOT will employ? Have Brutal Burgers overcome the personal issues that have surfaced recently?

    In a dream match for many, the longest reigning former ROH World Champion Samoa Joe faces off with current ROH World Tag Team Champion Kyle O’Reilly. Joe has a track record showing wins over the biggest names in ROH history. O’Reilly has turned it up in the past 2 years to prove he is one of the elite in Ring of Honor. This is his chance to prove that he belongs. While Joe has ROH World Championship aspirations, the playing field has changed in his time away. O’Reilly brings a similar style to Joe, heavy on impactful strikes and submissions. Can he combine that with an obvious speed advantage to overcome the size difference? This is a match up you will want to go out of your way to see.

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