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  1. At one point this fat ass Samoan was the hottest commidity in this delighful little company known as Total Nonstop Action, which at the time boasted Sting, Angle and Nash amongst it's imports plus homegrown stars such as Mr TNA AJ Styles. He broke the X Division mould in how a wrestler should look and went on to dominate that division for over a year, even having possibly the companies greatest match either Unbreakable 2005 with Daniels and Styles. It seemed ever TNA's resistence to pull the world title trigger until 2008 wasn't going to hold him back, he wasn't as hot as he was but his feud with Angle and it's end point at Lockdown 2008 should have resulted in star being born. However as current fans will tell you this isn't the case, in 2009 he joined the group he'd battled against with the TNA frontline, The Main Event Mafia and ended up with what suspiciouly looked like a penis marked on his face, the most feared man in the company was now imitating a hunter with genitalia on his face, not a good look. However after being bizarrely kidnapped by pesky ninjas Joe made his surprise return on Impact in 2010, support team Hogan and it looked like the gimmicks were gone he was agressive and assertive, he looked to be building it cashing in the momentum he had although the way back in 2005. Sadly as is often with Joe in TNA this wasn't the case, he's floated around the midcard ever since, holding Tag Team and TV titles along the way but never looking like he's found his groove to climb to the top of the mountain once again.

    So 3 questions :

    How and why did it go so badly for Joe, was his attitude as big a factor as some say it was for example?

    Would you fix him and push him to the world title scence again and why?

    If so how would you do it?

    I'll end this now with a short summary of videos showing the good and the bad of The Samoan Submission Machine.

    The good ​





    This is honestly my favorite TNA moment.

    [size=x-large]The bad[/size]​



    This is cool in this video but the entire build was the mainevent mafia going against Young Talent, why would Joe suddenly allign with them?

    Now remember JOE'S GONNA KILL YA!
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  2. How and why did it go so badly for Joe, was his attitude as big a factor as some say it was for example? - I think the main reason is that TNA didn't see anything special about him. Especially now with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff around, who really see 'nothing' in him (and boy are they wrong with thinking this).

    Would you fix him and push him to the world title scene again and why? - He needs to work on this solely by himself. I really would love to see him as a TNA World champion, but again TNA sees him as just another midcard.
  3. 2005-2008, he had a great run, no question about it (except he should've beat Angle in their 1st match).

    But then, the 2009, 2010 and 2011 came around. Horrible years. Awful booking. The MEM sellout, ninjas kiddnaping, minus in the BFG series.... TNA totally dropped the ball with him. :facepalm:

    But then, 2012 came around, and the Mag Daddy Magnus came. 2012 was the great year for JOE, really. 3 month tag title reign, Finals of the BFGS, 2 month TV Title reign, looked badass again, was rebuilt a bit and booked good. I literally have no complaints on his usage in 2012.

    2013 is off to a good start too. Nothing too spectacular for him, but he's there, on every show beating people up and winning. Mostly An8's thing, but I hope he gets bigger push after Lockdown.
  4. I hope you're right, agreed on the Kurt thing too. I still say he was the hottest commodity they had at that time and the match had a huge dream feel to it, who thought just say 3 years prior the King of ROH would be feuding with Kurt Angle? Joe going over would have made him, 2012 was a positive rebuilding year I'll agree to that also.
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  5. I honestly think Joe and TNA would benefit with booking Samoa Joe like Mark Henry during his hall of pain runs. He has the look for it, but more importantly he has tjhe skills to make the matches epic also. Joe has a similar aura about him as well, he doesn't need to be superb on the mic to pull it off.
  6. I always thought he would have been a perfect "big man monster" in WWE, but back around 2005, it was said they weren't interested in him because he was apparently too stiff. Pansies.
  7. Yet Brock Lesnar is as stiff as stiff gets at the moment, lol.
  8. Agile Joe fucking bitches up and leaving I'd be down for.

    I'd laugh if this wasn't so sad. I'm surprised they haven't signed him with his links however, Cena and Punk would be as good an in as anyone.
  9. Yeah. The fact that Cena and Joe are friends/Acquaintances are one of the less talked about friendships in wrestling.
  10. It's up there with Rock / Steen for it's randomness. I mean how does a fat ass bearded Canadian meet a soft lad from Miami? It's like a fat Scottish man meeting a personal trainer in Cornwall, ridiculous.
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  11. :isee:

    Wasn't Rock/Steen randomly formed when Rock complimented his work on Twitter? I'm not sure though.
  12. It only happens in the circus.
  13. No idea, wouldn't surprise especially since Steen busts out a pretty awesome Bookend every so often. I like to think they'll team together one day, that would be my ultimate team providing Rock worked on his cardio.... in fact I need a graphics person to make that a sig for me.

  14. He'll never be a main eventer with Hogan in charge. The one thing he and Vince have in common is their love for ripped guys. The only reason I think Hardy is champ is because of Dixie's insistence. Bully is finally getting a long deserved push cause he's lost a ton of weight and put on muscle. The two guys on TV the most seem to be Roode/Aries two of the most ripped guys in the company, who also happen to be awesome in every way so not a great example. A better example is RVD, as much as we love to hate him, he's in great shape. So, unless Joe trims down, I don't see him reaching the top of the mountain in TNA. Same goes for Park/Abyss.
  15. True. Even though they tried it twice already with the "Nation of violence" gimmick, but I won't blame it on Joe, because there was only one man booking it then. :russo:

    I'd give it another shot. I mean, who wouldn't after seeing something like this?

  16. That muscle buster was dope, but yeah Joe is at his best when just running through people although he'd be a better face than heel, he has that likable factor.
  17. This. Joe, even during his monster reign in ROH was over as fuck as a face.
  18. How and why did it go so badly for Joe, was his attitude as big a factor as some say it was for example? I think it was the signing of Former WWE Stars. Really loved his feud with Angle and to see him now, still being bad ass, but not on the level he previously was kinda sucks.

    Would you fix him and push him to the world title scence again and why? Yes I would, but the main problem I see with TNA is that they have too much Star Power. For me it seemed equaled out back then, but now we have the likes of James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sting, ect.

    And the thing with me is that they're all Main Event caliber but we can't have them all there. That's why I personally want them to create a separate brand. They can even it out and the shows can be taped in the IMPACT Zone.

    If so how would you do it? At this point, it's hard for me to imagine how you can outshine many stars on the roster when you've been in shit for the past 4-5 years. Plus considering he's gotten fatter, I have no idea.
    Losing weight would be a way.
  19. Joe needs a character tweak or something. Something more than another "killer-destroyer" gimmick.
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