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  1. What do you think of that then?
  2. It gives me Joe on my TV every week and the TV title some prestige since Joe is now the third TNA grand slam champion. I cannot complain. The guys in the discussion thread who said Joe was fat and ugly will have to learn to deal with it :boss:
  3. Should have been a tourney... Or a battle royal... Seemed too random
  4. He's fat, and I shall not deal with it. Would rather of had Magnus as Television champion. :obama:
  5. :finger:

    Joe > Magnus
  6. Silly Lacky. Joe would wrestle the pants off of Magnus ten times out of ten. Joe is the guy who did 1 hour+ iron man matches with Bryan and Punk on a regular basis.
  8. Oh, so they're doing the weekly title defense thing again?

    (Good, they should. Joe's a MUCH bigger draw than Devon and with no BFG Series there's enough time to make the weekly TV Title defense a thing again.
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  11. Pretty retarded. Joe is way above the TV Title IMO. Should have put it on Crimson, Magnus, Pope, ect. Joe needs to be higher up the card.
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  12. Agreed. Though if this is booked really well it MIGHT work, but it kinda sickens me to see Joe in the midcard and not in the ME where he belongs. :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. 3rd Grand Slam Champ in TNA history after AJ and Abyss. Kudos. I approve of it.
  14. Plus with the overflow of main eventers, this could give an actual reason to watch the TV title be defended weekly.
  15. I hope that wasn't a shot at my man DEVON aka The God and The GOAT of all titles, because I'll be pissed at ya boy.
  16. He is good, but Samoa Joe > Devon all day. Plus he was with Bischoff, and was barely relevant (even though i get it was BFG) this gives us a champion who is still relevant outside of the series, and who already has actual feuds set up, instead of just matches vs robbie e every week.
  17. I'm okay with this. Joe is better than TV champion, but now that he holds that belt, maybe some more serious competition can face him and make this title a little more prestigious.
  18. :win:
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