News Sanada retains against Daniels in Japan

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. According to Puroresu Spirit, Sanada successfully retained the TNA X Division Championship over Christopher Daniels in the main event of today's Wrestle-1 show in Tokyo, Japan. Sanada won the match with his signature moonsault at 17 minutes. Following his victory, Sanada stated that he aims to create a revolution within the world of professional wrestling. This is Sanada's second successful X title defense in Japan, as he defeated Seiki Yoshioka last month at a W-1 show.

    Sanada is also wrestling Tigre Uno tonight on Impact Wrestling in a match #2 of Best of Three series, which was taped one week ago.


    Don't know what this means about Daniels (and Kazarian) and their statuses in TNA, but I sure am hoping they're staying with TNA.
  2. I'm assuming Daniels will resign, if they have given him a bit of time to wrestle in Japan, possibly while they work out contracts. Also, nice to see Sanada defending the title. Imagine if we get a Moonsault vs Moonsault match; Sanada's moonsault vs Daniels' BME... :yes:
  3. #Awesome, Impact footage

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  4. I'm liking this honor/pressure thing they're doing with Sanada, it sounds pretty legit.
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  5. Kaz and Daniels are also accepting Indy bookings at the moment which would suggest TNA will not be using them until their contracts run out anyways. I don't think that he will resign I think that both men will simply allow their contracts to run out with the company. I fucking hope TNA manages to get BI to sign though #desperateforthis.

    I am happy for Sanada defending the X-division title. I have enjoyed his title reign so far which has provided some awesome in-ring contests. I hope this continues.
  6. I think TNA wrestlers can accept indy bookings as long as the promotion doesn't make money from DVDs and such featuring them in the show. Also, the TNA website states that there will be more contract extensions to come, so either they will do more (which could be BI resigning) or they just forgot to update the website to remove that, if that's that.

    Also, me too. I'd like for him to get in a real storyline but for what we've seen, good wrestling.
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  7. Really? I didn't realise this to be honest, my bad. :lol1:
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  8. Please let there be video of this great match arriving on the interwebs in the not too distant future.
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  9. Will be in a week or so, my dude. I'll take care of it myself.
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  10. Awesome, 23 minutes long? Will watch soon - and this is, I believe, Daniels' last match as a TNA wrestler?
  11. I believe so, yes. We will see him again on One Night Only PPV shows in May, July and August (all taped recently).
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