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  1. Would love to know what you guys think of the viginettes they have been using to build the guy up?

    For me I think they're great and really overcome the obvious issue of him speaking Japanese as his native language. They've really made him look focused and like he has this huge point to prove as a trainee of The Great Muta. Plus with the training montages and tape footage viewing they have shown his dedication and willingness to fight to be the best.

    Anyways your thoughts do you think they have been good? Could they be utilised in WWE for foreign wrestlers to help them get over? I think they could imo.
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  2. I like everything TNA did with Sanada. Especially because he wasn't booked so stereotypically. They bulit him up pretty damn good, and I can see him gunning for the World Title come Destination X, via the Option C clause. It could be fun to see him in a WHC match.
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  3. Gotta agree with Test on the possible direction for him. Seems like the obvious way to end his run with TNA, there's rumor of W1 taking him back home sometime in the late summer so Destination X is the perfect way to get the X belt off him and give him a decent send off.
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  4. I do like the vignettes as well!
    Would love to see Sanada get the option C Clause, would most definitely be a very entertaining match.
  5. I really like the vignettes, indeed it was a nice way to overcome the language barrier and it's an interesting angle, this determination deal. It's cool. If it ended with him getting a World title shot, great! I'm on board.
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  6. TNA have done it right; they're not doing the whole "hey I'm JAPANESEEEEEEE and that's about it," thing but he's more of a honorable hard-working fighter who's come here to make his country proud. I mean, if he could speak English, he'd be even better but hey, he's probably leaving later this year so who the hell cares, am I right?

    Sanada in the WHC match would be fun, but he'd probably be the 1st ever guy to lose... not sure if that's something they would want to pin on him. Or maybe, he loses - but then returns next year to put it right. :rollins:
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    Seiya Sanada vs. Great Muta announced for July 6th W-1 show in an event called "IMPACT".

    Match is possibly for the X Division Title, if Sanada retains until that is.

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  8. Very interested in this match, hope Sanada doesn't make the old man look too out of place; although I don't think that will happen.
  9. This will prove how good Sanada is helping to pull a decent match out of Muta. This is not meant as disrespectful to Muta at all, just age wise now Sanada needs to pull this match out an help him along.
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