Sandow to Cash in?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by RoyalRaven, Oct 4, 2013.

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  1. Is anyone else seeing that Sandow will Cash in after Del Rio retains against RVD? I mean someone said something about WWE using up the 90 days of RVD, So I think Del Rio will be cashed in on after the Hardcore match?

    Anyone agree :O?
  2. I saw that RVD's current contract ends after HIAC. I could imagine RVD winning the title on Sunday then retaining in the rematch at HIAC and ADR freaking out, hitting him with chairs and shit and then Sandow cashes in.

    But I doubt it. MITB was only a few months ago and obviously we know about Orton already cashing in. And WWE likes to keep a briefcase on someone for as long as possible. I'd guess at Sandow cashing in at a PPV like TLC or post-WM.

    I'd also love to see Sandow wasting his briefcase with a failed cash-in. His reaction would be priceless.
  3. Yeah, I don't see Sandow cashing in yet. But if he did, I would bet on it being RVD who gets cashed in on. RVD overcomes his injuries and wins the title at Battleground, only for Sandow to swoop in and take it right from him and send RVD away for his time off, which gives Sandow a fresh opponent to fight with when RVD returns.

    I still think it's best if Damien Sandow becomes the first guy to cash in a MITB contract at a Wrestlemania.
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  4. Sandow is not gonna cash in before Royal Rumble because wwe likes having the briefcase for long time
  5. Sandow is going to cash-in on a babyface. If it happens this Sunday, i see RVD beating Del Rio for the World Title then Sandow coming out and cashing-in. He won't cash-in on Del Rio.
  6. What Messiah said, plus they need to save the cash-in for an important show. Sorry Battleground, but you ain't it.
  7. no chance in hell he would. Rhodes would be around to ruin it if he attempted a cashin. That i would like.
  8. I forgot about Sandow completely to be honest. I can see him cashing in this sunday. They need something big to happen at Battleground so ye....THIS.
  9. Why is it because Ziggler held the briefcase for a long time everyone thinks it the default? The only 2 times that someone held it for a long time that I remember was Edge and Ziggler.

    RVD will win the title, ADR will flip out and leave, Ricardo will be helping RVD, Sandow runs out, Takes out Ricardo and then wins the title off RVD, Triple threat roll up fluke win at HIAC, RVD gets "injured" in that match, Sandow Vs Del Rio at SS.
  10. That's what I thought too. If he did try to cash-in Rhodes would mess it up for him somehow.
  11. RVD may win and Sandow won't cash in and we'll see another RVD boring title run... Just look at the currenr champions. Each and everyone of them is heel. That must mean something (a change)
  12. Why would they give the title to someone who is on his way out? It would be stupid to think RVD will win without a cash in.
  13. Why cashing in immediately after the match? Why not waiting 1 or 2 months?
  14. Why not cash in after a match? Why wouldn't you cash in on someone who has had a brutal hardcore match? Why wait 1-2 months and lose your shot and attempt a cash in on a fresh man?
  15. RVD signed that short of a contract? WHY?!
  16. Easy pay day and the fans expense.
  17. He could cash in after a HIAC match which woll be imo harder than this hardcore match and Van Dam may kick Sandow once or twice if he tries to cash in after the match. I believe that's what WWE will do tbh.
  18. Yeah lets give a guy who is leaving a title and have no world champion :pity1:
  19. But Sandow can cash in there
  20. I suppose it's a possibility. If Sandow wins the belt now/at HIAC, I suppose Cody may be done with the Corporation thing and will feud with Damien for the belt. Sounds good to me.
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