Santino and Rey injury update

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  2. Santino and Rey

    I thought this thread was about a Santino and Rey tag team :phew:
  3. Santino and Rey

    I thought this thread was based upon them two becoming a tag-team, but anyways it's a shame Rey will be missing this years WrestleMania.
  4. RE: Santino and Rey

    Changed the title
  5. Lol I completely forgot Santino even existed.
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  6. any news on christian hes been out ages
  7. I was missing Santino tbh..

    Now I know what's going on..
  8. Was actually glad not to see him on my screen.
  9. I miss both wrestler... Rey is fast and being so small makes me think about he can be one of the greatest wrestlers IMO because he has wrestled against a lot of bigger men than him. Santino is really funny and makes me enjoy a lot watching him wrestle
  10. I think Santino should leave :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:, He'd probably be better off in TNA or ROH. His character is a joke and he's done some better stuff before, glad he's off RAW/Smackdown altogether.
  11. UPDATE on Santino

    Who will squash him next?
  12. Not missing any of them. I like Santino but I didn't really notice he wasn't there.