Santino building feud with Ricardo via Twitter?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Santino tweeted about Ricardo rubbing Del Rios victory over him last night in his face earlier today. Seems like the two funniest men in WWE are heading towards a feud.

    This could be hilarious. Both men are really funny when they want to and are actually really skilled in the ring so there should be nice flow to their matches.
  2. Could be quite funny.
  3. Looks like a pre-show match between those two coming on No Way Out.
  4. Imagine Ricardo winning the US title from Santino and setting of on his own.
  5. Nice call ^
  6. I care Randy. I care. Now you went and hurt my feelings :upset:
  7. Santino SUCK! Ricardo is a no boddy!

  8. But I enjoy watching them on TV. They are entertaining and fun to watch. That's the problem with you. We accept your Randy worship but there are other wrestlers out there who are just as entertaining or more to watch. You just can't accept that.
  9. It could be a good comedy feud, but I'd like to see them actually going there and putting on an actual technical sound match to surprise everyone. It would also be funny. Anyway, it's a good call to put them on the pre-show.
  10. A Kurt Angle/Santino feud would be hilarious.
  11. Santino vs Ricardo at Wrestlemania 29 book it
  12. The first match was pretty funny. I would be entertained by that fued. Yes it would be a comedy fued, but those two would really pull off something good.
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