Santino coming back?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Sep 23, 2014.

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  1. Two months after hinting about retirement due to a neck injury requiring surgery it seems Santino is now discussing a possible return to the "squared circle".

    Santino took to his facebook page to make a statement:
    he went on to talk about a potential return a little further..

    Source: Wrestling Inc.

    Looks like the Milan Miracle believes there's one more miracle left in him.. would you like to see him comeback in about 6 months? or would you prefer he just remain retired.
  2. He wants the WWE Championship?

    He can stay gone for all I care. Best of luck in his future endeavors, though.
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  3. update on the cobra? is he okay?
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  4. In what world? Seriously? There is one WWE championship and he is 35, I believe.
    Has he not met Cesaro, Kevin Steen, Big E or Rusev? It's questionable if either of those guys will ever win the WWE Championship
    Has he met not Rollins, Ambrose, Wyatt or Roman Reigns? With a bum neck Santino will be waiting in a VERY long line.

    He needs to talk to HHH. I can't see HHH lying to him. If he's trying to get support through social media, go for it.
    Coming back from neck surgery is serious business. It had better be worth it... as in guaranteed WWE Championship worth it.
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  5. I bet Santino will be the one to beat the one-behind twenty one and one.
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  6. Don't really care, to be honest.
  7. Yeah he's alright, said the surgery was successful, they found a couple other minor things while performing the surgery but they're giving him 4-6 months estimated time table for full recovery, I imagine it may take a little longer but we'll see..

    I sincerely doubt he'll get a shot at the WWE championship but he's cheap enough to provide some comedy for awhile if Damien ends up going on a "serious" run for whatever reason.
  8. Nobody does

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  9. fuck no god no please no.
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