Santino got a bigger pop than Brodus Clay

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. I was reading the dark match spoilers and it stated tonight in the dark match the below happened.

    Opinions and thoughts on this? I think people are getting bored. They need Brodus Clay in a feud, damn.
  2. Brodus is still new though. It's going to take time.
  3. Santino would have got a bigger pop than most, the crowd sucked.
  4. I personally think he should be getting bigger pops than Santino, currently. As time goes on him squashing jobbers is going to cause less interest from the audience.
  5. Santino has been loved for the past few years. You can't expect Brodus to be as over as him in a month. He does need a feud however.
  6. I understand, but I mean look at Brodus.
  7. Where were they tonight? What city?
  8. Jobsville with no jobs.
  9. Triple H shows up and the whole town jobs.
  10. But look at brodus
  11. Which is what I'm trying to say. He should be getting big pops.
  12. Not really, despise his entrance he should be getting no response. In recent episodes he's nearly had pop of the night, shows how talented he is. When you're squashing superstars WWE, or the audience don't care about it doesn't get you over.
  13. Should WWE put him on a midcard feud or something? @[Crayo]
  14. Yep. He needs a feud now, someone like Drew McIntyre (as a heel). Needs to be someone who can be seen as a threat for Brodus, can help portray his more aggressive side more. Suddenly flipping out on jobbers like Tyler Reks doesn't help him at all.
  15. I agree with this. It's about time they find a feud for him.
  16. Cheers.
  17. Crowd silent.
    John Cena's Music Hits.
    Crowd go crazy!!

    That's a pop.
  18. I agree Brodus defo needs a feud as he's been squashing "superstars" for a few weeks now on both RAW and SD! Plus before that he was squashing people on Superstars I know thats a while back now and with his old gimmick. But he's still been built up as a beast and now people have got into and seem to like the funkasaurus gimmick it's time to give the guy a chance and a feud and really show people what he can do!

    Although to be fair Santino getting a bigger pop may not be as bad as it sounds as Santino's gimmick is popular he's the crazy slightly bonkers but extremely loveable guy of the WWE and his matches are always entertaining despite the comic factor involved!
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