Santino has a challenger

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Jul 28, 2012.

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  2. :win: bring Hero in and feud those two.
  3. Speaking of Hero/Ohno he had some pretty bitching new ring gear at the latest NXT tapings if pictures are to be believed.
  4. I would mark for the Kings Of Wrestling :emoji_slight_smile:. Hopefully Cesaro can get pushed now.
  5. finally a feud?
  6. I think we all would. WWE seem to disagree.
  7. Nice, but only if Cesaro was given time to develop. If he wins the title and keeps appearing as often as he does today it won't make a difference, although I really want Santino to lose the title. If he wins the title and is given time I believe he will bring back the European Championship to replace the US title, makes sense.
  8. I'd rather take someone like Cesaro having the title then a comedy character like Santino any day. And if he does bring back the European Championship he'll be my hero :yay:
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    I'm such an American Patriot :boss1:
  9. Yeah, even if Cesaro won the title and wasn't given time I'd already be happy because the champ is not a comedy character, but it wouldn't help that much.
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