Santino injures knee

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Would have actually welcomed a longer injury on him so we could see someone else as Cesaro's possible opponent at HIAC.

  2. Santino injures his leg, and Tensai still fails to beat him. :notsure:
  3. so he injured or just hurt it?
  4. He's not injured.
    It was said to be a "Close Call"
  5. took an arrow to the knee. :win:
  6. I wish.
  8. Yeah... I went there. :boss1: :obama:
  9. I actually like Santino. Would you like to crucify me now or later?
  10. Whatever is best with your schedule.
  11. Think he mentioned on his Twitter that he's fine.
  12. Yeah he's fine.
  13. DAMN! Guess A baseball bat job would be enough to make him irrelevant for a few months.
  14. He's fine. [​IMG]
  15. This isn't good.
  16. Tensai jobbing to Santino :lol1:

    Well, it's nice to know he is OK. It's never a good thing when someone's hurt :downer:
  17. :annoyed: Damnit i thought he was going to be out for a year or two. Got me all excited for nothing :please:
  18. Haha even with an injured knee Santino can still beat Tensai, well it is a home show too, so I guess it's natural for the face to get the win, plus I'm sure he looked like the underdog there. Glad he's okay I suppose, just wish he would get a better finisher and a different gimmick.
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