Santino is a joke

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  1. Santino is a joke WWE are fucking him over big time with this silly character he portrays. I remember the day he debuted where he beat Umaga what the fuck happened from then on???
  2. He sells merch I suppose.
  3. He sold out, just like Kelly Kelly
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  4. From the beggining of his WWE run on TV he was a comedy heel. He just beat Umaga because Bobby Lashley showed up and beat him up, it's not like he came out of the crowd on the show and just beat Umaga clean lol. I'll admit it's quite different from his Russian character from OVW, but there's a reason, it's PG, so I guess they need a clown such as Santino, he plays the character very naturally, very well and such. I'll agree it's waaay too corny and I'd love it if he wasn't there but they have their reasons.
  5. Uhh... That's the point? He's the comedy guy, so he wrestles like a joke. OK? OK.
  6. Personally I dont find him funny but i'm not 10y/o.
  7. He's supposed to be a joke!!!!
  8. He's great with the humor & comedy, but getting to the real stuff, actually wrestling--just the comedy gets in the way & makes him loses the match?
    l mean.. The "Cobra" cost him the match on the United States Championship. Not once, but twice. Him playing around w/ it, it's just making most of his fans disappointed.
  9. Why can't we get a comedy character that delivers in the ring? Even Scotty 2 Hotty had some element of badass about him, this guy's a clown. He used to be funny, but he's quickly went from a "haha" joke to an "embarassment to the business" joke.
  10. He's actually a very good comedic performer, it's just the garbage he's been given. No one can make a sock falling in love with Aksana look good. He's a good wrestler Santino too, it's a shame.
  11. Too bad current comedy characters are marketed completely towards children (well, at least Santino is).
  12. Worst finisher, of all time. Still cant agree with BLFFL based on my lack of integrity, so i'll leave it at that.
  13. Yup, worse than the Heart Punch and the WMD.
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