Santino Marella and Eve take over L.A.'s ESPN Zone

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  1. Santino Marella and Eve take over L.A.'s ESPN Zone


    LOS ANGELES — Whoever though it was a good idea to allow Santino Marella into the kitchen of the downtown L.A. ESPN Zone on a busy Friday night was probably regretting their decision by the time the Italian Superstar began putting his own touches on the restaurant's "Cobb-ra Salad."

    “You have to put everything in a straight line,” the United States Champion said of the dish. "All the ingredients go in a straight line on top of a bed of lettuce,"

    Strange salad preparation aside, the United States Champion and the beautiful Eve had a blast with WWE fans inside the popular eatery located only steps away from the Staples Center where SummerSlam will emanate on Sunday night. On hand to help out with the dinnertime rush, Eve and Santino did their best to keep pace while waiters and waitresses rushed around in SummerSlam T-shirts. (PHOTOS)

    “I was taking orders, delivering food, welcoming guests at the ESPN Zone,” Marella said. “Just having a fun time.”

    As diners ordered from a WWE-themed menu, featuring “Superstar Salads” and “SummerSlamwiches,” Eve pitched in by preparing pizza and wraps in the kitchen — or at least trying to.

    “I’ve always known I was pretty bad in the kitchen,” the former Divas Champion said. “But this just made me realize how bad of a cook I really am.”

    In truth, Eve’s pizza wasn’t half bad, but the gorgeous Diva had better luck when she took over as hostess. ESPN Zone customers were pleasantly surprised as they were welcomed to the restaurant by the stunner’s bright smile.

    “I’ve got something in case this whole WWE Diva thing doesn’t work out,” Eve joked.

    The night wasn’t all friendly fun, though. After trading insults under their breath for most of the evening, Eve and Santino finally faced off. Their battlefield? The ESPN Zone’s air hockey table where the United States Champion proved that his right arm is devastating even without the Cobra wrapped around it.

    “I destroyed her,” Santino said of his shutout victory over the Assistant to the SmackDown General Manager. “I have no mercy when it comes to games.”

    After settling their score, Eve and Santino shot hoops and bowled with WWE fans in the ESPN Zone’s huge game room. It was an enjoyable end to a night that included trivia, a Q&A session, and at least one botched order from the Italian Superstar. But still had one burning question — what's the secret ingredient of a "Cobb-ra Salad?"

    “Italian dressing,” Santino finally blurted out. “And blue cheese, of course.”

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