News Santino Marella Announces Retirement

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  1. Damn. Sad to hear. Lot of good moments with Santino. Good luck to him in his future.
  2. Although many people hate him for his gimmick, I give him complete props for being able to run with it and enjoy it, regardless of the hatred for it amongst fans. Sad to hear that injury is what will be putting him into retirement, but I'm glad he will be sticking with WWE for a bit, and then will be able to run his own wrestling school. Thank you Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli).
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  3. Did more with less than anybody I've seen in a very long time
  4. He had his moments. Surely his gimmick wasn't enjoyed by everyone, but he did it wonderfully and must've had a good time.
  5. I liked Santino, sucks he had to retire although I'm sure Vince isn't too butthurt about it considering he is most likely going to have to let go of somewhere between 5-8 members of the promotion.
  6. Awww... Best wishes to Santino!
  7. His schtick was stale a while ago. Too bad they couldn't repackage him into something more interesting. Best of luck/endeavours etc
  8. I liked him for a short period a couple years ago. Apart from that always thought he was annoying and boring. Sucks that he has to go early without a different gimmick or something.
  9. I always figured him to be a rich man's Eric Young. It occurred to me that if anyone could jump from TNA to WWE with any success, it would be Eric Young.
    Success wouldn't necessarily be defined in terms of titles. His success would have been defined by TV time and how over he would get with WWE's core audience.
  10. Pretty sad news, I always thought he was pretty funny considering the stories WWE would put him in. Definitely should remain in a non-wrestling role, perhaps on the WWE Network.
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  11. Best of luck to him in his post-ring career.

  12. Santino's greatest moment.

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  13. He had his moments as users have mentioned. Still wish he had a knock on the head, have amnesia and rock this gimmick.
  14. Sad news, I loved this guy. Sucks to see him gone. Best of luck, man!
  15. Man, another one? Yikes. Widdleing them down. Not one of my favs, but he was better than The Great Khali IMO. Sucks he had to retire. Best wishes
  16. @Majour check this out.

    Bummed out, man.
  17. I'll just drop this here...

    Farewell Santina!
  18. Never enjoyed his lame ass gimmick but from what I've seen he is actually talented. Guess we will never see him with a better character now.

  19. Hard to hear what he's saying because of the echo in the arena.
  20. Forgot how funny he was sometimes when he was heel hahah.
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