Santino Marella/Anthony Carelli story

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Jan 22, 2013.

  2. Well, yeah, earlier today when they posted stuff about his daughter I was like, he's 16-17, wasn't he 32 or something? So... yeah.
  3. I want to hear his proper accent. I have seen a couple YouTube clips but it's not clear.
  4. Look up anyone from Toronto doing an interview. Is a pretty non regional accent.
  5. This info gave some legitimacy to why I'm a Santino mark. I would absolutely die for a Santino main event run under the circumstances that he gets rid of the cobra or finds an alternative finisher. Minus the hardcore stuff, Santino is our modern day Mick Foley and if he ever won one of the big belts I think the crowd would give a huge pop. It's happened almost twice and that crowd was as livid as any other crowd for someone like The Rock. I think with responses like that it would be safe to assume that Santino should get a run as a main eventer at least once.

    He's not the best guy in the ring, but he isn't terrible, he's got the charisma as well. The only reason he isn't main event is because how silly his character is. Even Mick Foley as Mankind had a serious side.
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