Santino Marella

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. Santino actually isn't that bad in-ring. He has some good technical ability.. Not like Bryan, but he has good technical abilities.
    If you look him up from OVW, you'll see what I mean. For OVW, his name was Johnny Geobasco.
    Here are a couple of his matches.

    There you go.
  2. Yeah, it's a shame no one will remember him for that.
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  3. But who's ever said he's bad in the ring? I've always known this, it does show from the characteristics in his matches.

    I just can't stand his gimmick ._.
  4. He will be much better success if he keeps doing what he is, rather than trying to change to a serious wrestler.
  5. He has been attached to one of those character that can never be changed. He will always be known as a goofball.
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  6. I've always heard he was a good wrestler, but unfortunately, his gimmick would never allow him to showcase it much. Kind of a shame.
  7. Like Leo said, no one insults his ring work. He needs to be repackaged if they're going to try and get people to take him seriously. I like his comedy role, it serves its purpose well.
  8. He isn't going to get anywhere with his comedy skits. He needs to become a heel for anyone to take him seriously... Like Fail Bryan.
  9. Fail Bryan? :facepalm:

    I don't want heel Santino, he's hilarious.

  10. I doubt a heel turn would do that tbh. He's too far into the role now.
  11. Haha it's funny, I'll give him that, but for the WWE standards, it's just stupid.
  12. Face workers that are good on the stick are rare.... very rare

    So when a guy like Santino comes around you don't change him much, unless he had that big $ potential
  13. Not everyone needs to be a multiple time world title holder to be somewhere, he's probably getting a great amount of money for doing what he's doing. He will be remembered in years to come.

    Also, I'm finding it hard to take Dbry seriously, I just can't >.<
  14. I don't want to do this and I'll be rightfully flamed:

    I see shades of Piper in Santino. Neither guy won the title (though Piper probably deserved it)

    Each charm the audience in a sort of legendary way

    I'm not saying Santino is Piper. I'm saying everything they do on the stick, will outweigh any of their other accomplishments

    Piper suffered from being in Hogan's shadow,,, Santino is in a weaker era, but I'm partial to him, b/c he entertains
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  15. Piper would destroy Santino, just saying.
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