Santino Marella

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  1. I know there has been alot of chat about him but he is my Fav. wrestler of all time

    I just want to lay down some of santinos life.

    He made his WWE debut when Umaga had a hand picked opponent selected by Vince McMahon. Santino was picked and won the WWE Intercontinental title in underdog fashion

    He was picked out of the crowed and now look at him he is the us champion shows alot

    this post is manily about dont judge a book by its color vince picked him because he thought he was a nobody.

    Shortly after gaining the Intercontinental Championship, Marella started a scripted rivalry with Chris Masters, narrowly retaining the title over him in his first defenses.
  2. Santino Marella for president!
  3. But in all seriousness, I've become a big fan of him. Sure he's a comedic wrestler who logically shouldn't be winning any matches with his gimmick, but can any of you honestly say he doesn't entertain you? I'm already smiling when he's walking down the ring in that incredibly camp way. The crowd are ridiculously in touch with him, and he works them like a charm.
  4. Always loved Santino, even when he was Boris Alexiev, the fighting gimmick he had in OVW.
  5. Agreed I also love his walk
  6. Santino Marella: Proof that PG can be entertaining too!
  7. 100 percent agreed
  8. ...out of all the wrestlers in the world & over time, Santino is your favorite wrestler?
  9. Ever since the EC qualifying match, he's been doing good.
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