Santino tweets on his daughter

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Well done Santino. You and your wife did a damn good job. To think that lady is half Santino.

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  2. She looks familiar.
  3. Know anyone named Bianca Carella?
  4. No lol, I've seen her before somewhere though.

  5. To think that she is Santino Marella's daughter.........:emoji_grin:amn:

    :fap: :fap:
  6. Slow news day?
  7. Totally.
  8. :obama: Deserved to win it, I guess.
  9. 17 years old, relax fella. :sheamus:
  10. Wow, she's beautiful..

    Gotta say.. Santino is a handsome fella, as well. :gusta:
  11. And, even though the thread was originally about a girl winning some beauty contest or whatever, Jose manages to make it gay. :dawg:
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  12. You know where she comes from.. :otunga:

    Still though, she's beautiful.. And he ain't ugly.
  13. Dayum. What a lovely daughter that be. :obama:
  14. She looks lovely and filled with personality. However, she's just not my type, though.
  15. I'd ''tweet'' on his daughter :gusta:

  16. she is so pretty!
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