Santino unappreciated?

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  1. Let's discuss Santino.

    From what I've seen recently, there's those who think Santino being in any form of spotlight is terrible and a disgrace, then there's who think this jobbing superstar has got himself so over and has an actual gimmick and deserves his place. Which group are you with?

    I'm with the latter. I think if Santino was in the attitude era, we'd have users saying how good and funny his gimmick was and how we need more Santino's in the world. I'm a big fan of the guy to be honest, he generally makes me laugh each week and has a gimmick, I love gimmicks, so much.

  2. Santino is getting a good gradual push I'm glad WWE has come to their senses.
  3. He's good in ring but he's held back by the gimmick.
  4. The funny thing is the problem..
    But besides that, I love Santino..

    La vittoriaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa è miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. I think they could make slight adjustments to the gimmick to help his character seem more serious. They are sort of doing it with Ryder.
  6. I love Santino's in-ring ability. He's a comedy babyface who's tremendously over with the crowd. So long as he's kept in the midcard, preferably the lower midcard, I have no problem with him being US Champ. I don't even mind him being IC Champ, although I would prefer that belt to go to future main event guys.

    Having said that, I wouldn't mind Santino being a main event guy at some point. He needs to change his look a bit and bring a little seriousness to his gimmick first. With his current character, though, I really like where he is and I am very appreciative of what he brings to the show.

  7. I don't see him being in the main event, but I don't think it's impossible. He could be used as a prop, or involved in some form. But my god anyone see the pops at EC and last night when he won? That's top-level babyface pops.
  8. Santino is my Fav. Wrestler i think he is a great ring performer and some what good on the mic wwe did good by giving him the tittle there sells for santino items will sky rocket im with he dosent need to change hes fine the way he is

    <3 Santino
  9. I don't find him funny or amusing, and can't understand for the life of me why he is so over.
  10. The cobra sock needs to be changed.
  11. I question how anyone can enjoy this guy. He is supposed to be a comedic wrestler, but he isn't funny in the ring. They just let him be a dumbass backstage for 10 year olds to laugh at.

    I'm fine with him winning the title, but the way that they made him win the title was fucking idiotic.
  12. I agree with all of this.

    My indifference towards Santino aside, it's retarded to have belt changes with no build. They all but buried Swagger (and the belt for that matter) with how they booked him as the US Champion. He was jobbing to R Truth on Superstars ffs
  13. One thing that I've got to question is why did they take the belt off Ryder if they wanted an over, comedic babyface as the US champion?
  14. You mean taking his lizard... and spitting mist out of it... or something lack thereof


    Not even creatures of the night can explain what that stuff was

    Even Peter Parker thinks Santino hand needs to get a grip
  15. You really think they were thinking ahead?
  16. True I probably gave them too much credit by believing they thought at all.
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  17. He is a decent wrestler but his gimmick is quite childish and when he had those rocky type training segments at EC it was painful to watch.Hopefully he can make the US title something to care about again.
  18. Tbh

    Unappreciated would mean no TV time... unappreciated means dead reactions

    I'd say Santino is possible over appreciated considering he barely moves a lick of merch

    Again, he's cuddly and crap like that but there are tons of unappreciated talent

    If you flipped the talent pool... guys like Ziggs, Barrett, Kidd, McIntyre would be headlining over Orton, Show...*gosh*... HHH
  19. I completely agree that the way the belt was taken off was pathetic, but to be honest, I'm not surprised. The US championship has been embarrassed ever since Miz left it. There is no build any more, instead, they further build SmackDown story-lines on RAW. No idea why Ryder isn't feuding with Swagger for it either. However, this thread is mainly about Santino being champion in general. Are you not okay with it because it's Santino, the "comedic wrestler who can't get anywhere", or strictly because of the story-line?
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