Santino Wants To Be World Heavyweight Champion

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    Is there any probable chance that this will happen? With how they are pushing him with a string of victories since his recent comeback, I wouldn't consider it completely out of the question that they'd have him pull off a huge upset by defeating Alberto Del Rio for the belt. But the only way I'd care for it is if Sandow cashed in on him promptly after the match. Considering how over Santino is with the crowd, that would be a good way to earn instant heat for Sandow right off the bat.

    I know others might hate that, but I think it'd be a cool way to go about it. Santino winning it and then Sandow cashing in and taking it right from him and ruining his biggest moment would make me mark. At the very least, they should book the match on PPV and toy with the idea of him becoming champion, like at the 2012 Elimination Chamber or the way he nearly eliminated Del Rio at the 2011 Rumble to win the first ever 40 man Rumble match (both which had the crowd going nuts.)
  2. Well, he has pinned Sandow clean these days, so it'd actually make sense. :urm:
  3. With the current storyline going on in WWE, I'm not sure if Santino should win the WHC just yet. It should happen after the whole corporate storyline.
  4. I can see him winning it actually. Most likely wouldn't be a long or memorable reign though.
  5. This is never going to happen. Santino needs to stay as far away from the World Title picture as he can.
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  6. A wrestler wanting to be a world champion? Breaking new cleary. Anyway, as for the probability of Santino winning, I'd say it's definitely possible and I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I don't see him holding on to it for any extended period of time (the Sandow cash-in is likely if he does win it [which I wouldn't be a fan of just for the fact that we've seen that same script play out already with these years briefcase (& yes I'm aware that the scenarios would be quite different, especially since Triple H wouldn't be an integral part of it but it's still the underdog babyface finally winning the big one after being in the company for years only to have it immediately snatched away by a heel [& yes, I know Sandow's never been champion and Randy has and that's a part of it but I'm just throwing it out there that the situations would be too similar for my liking])]) and I definitely wouldn't want him to. Hell, I wouldn't want him to win it period, really not a fan of the guy. But I won't complain if he wins as long as the reign's kept as brief as I imagine it would be.

  7. I'd like to have World peace; bets on which comes first?
  8. I know I love when Santino goes over Swagger or Cesaro or Sandow or any other wrestler that isn't a complete joke.
  9. Eh, I'd go with Santino being the new World Heavyweight Champion as the more likely choice. This is the same guy that pulled an upset victory over Umaga for the Intercontinental Title back when there wasn't even a handful of people who had beaten Umaga yet (Umaga main evented a PPV earlier that same year against John Cena back when he was still undefeated.) Santino also recently defeated Jack Swagger, a former world heavyweight champion. It's not entirely implausible they could book him to defeat Del Rio. He'd probably be more likely to win the IC Title again from Curtis Axel, though.
  10. I'm a huge Santino mark, so I'd love to see this happen. I was freaking livid when he almost one at Royal Rumble & Elimination Chamber
  11. I love Santino. He's the consummate underdog, and absolutely hilarious. It would be a great feel good moment to see him hold that belt, even if it's only for a few seconds before Damien Sandow crushes him and cashes in MITB.
  12. LOL fuck no. If he gets a gimmick change and stops being so PG, then sure. Hate his current character.
  13. Oh yeah, not so PG. Sure thing, pal. Let's take it back to the rose-tinted glass days of the Attitude Era where the entire card absolutely sucked dick except for the main event.
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  14. Dude deserves a thank you reign at least. Doesn't matter if it is short or not. It would be a good feel good moment for the little ones and for him. And then having a heel ruin it could possibly create some mad heat with the kids.
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  15. Oh yeah I'm with you. To play a bit of Devil's Advocate, I do think Jack Swagger is a complete joke, but seriously I love when Santino goes over. He's such a good company man. He's done anything and everything asked of him, it would be great to see him hold the 10 lbs of gold.
  16. Santino is a just a jobber why the hell is he saying he wants to be WWE champion
  17. Is that two statements jammed together? There seems to be a question in there. There's a lot going on there, yet surprisingly little going on in your actual brain. What I'm saying is your grasp of the English language and proper usage of the term "jobber" leaves a lot to be desired.

  18. He said World Heavyweight Champion. It's why he specifically mentioned Del Rio, the title holder. If charisma vacuums like Jack Swagger can win it... if a guy the size of Rey Mysterio can win it... then Santino can win it.
  19. Despite his gimmick he's a good wrestler whom is dedicated and hard working. I'd like to see him win the world title at least once,even if the reign was short lived.
  20. It's really not in spite of his gimmick at all, his gimmick is awesome. His gimmick is why he's a fan favorite. The best gimmicks are the ones where you have yourself in them. Now clearly he's so not Italian, but he's one funny SUMMUMMAGUN!!! That resonates with people.
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