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    There is a slight possibility there will be a rematch at Mania now.
  3. I find it funny that Santino has a better chance at a 'mania match than Miz.
  4. No way is Santino vs Swagger making the Wrestlemania card, the match was built around Ace vs Teddy I think.
  5. I cried when Santino cried.
  6. THIS IS SO DUMB! Why in the fuck do u put the belt on fuckin Santino?
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  7. Santino is awesome and he deserves the US title atm.
  8. :facepalm: !
  9. He's over as hell dude.
  10. he over as being jobber joke guy! That it he SUCK! He has the wrost end move u could give someone! He sould not be the us Champion that should have give it to The Little Jimmy Man! R-Truth he need more then FUCKIN SANTINO or A!
  11. I say give him a chance before judging :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. He had has chance! For 1 I Johnny Boy has Santino in a rematch on SD for the US Champion and has Swagger win it back!
  13. They're going to book it as Swagger getting upset with Teddy Long so he joins Team Ace at Wrestlemania. I can't see Santino losing it to be honest, he's so over.
  14. Dude Johnny is the boss SD for the night so he going kick teddy off the show and then fours Santina to defend the title and that will let Swagger win the tilte back!
  15. Are the Smackdown spoilers out or something ?
  16. that be out tonight I think? Or early Wed.!
  17. If you're right I'll give you an award. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. COOL! What 1 would I get?
  19. I'll make a predictions award. Those who make spot on predictions without knowing the card or anything can get it. If Swagger wins it back tomorrow you'll get it. You won't if they have a match though that's quite predictable.
  20. Can I predict next weeks smackdown will have a tag team match?
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