Sara Del Rey Thoughts

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mainstream87, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. If there is a thread already up for this already I apologize, I'm still new here. Just wanted to know if anyone is remotely interested with WWE signing Sara Del Rey. I for one am pretty happy. Even though her future is up in the air with the state of the Divas division. She is still the best women's wrestler out there i believe.
  2. Yeah I remember awhile ago people were talking about her, looks like we will have someone to legitimize the Divas division

  3. Yeah, she could easily take that division over, hopefully it won't turn out terrible.
  4. Well the division will still suck though. I mean Beth VS Sara Del Rey doesn't seem too awesome but at the same time it will be worth watching.
  5. I'd watch that over a lot of the matches. Lol
  6. ik right. We should just have the real divas wrestle and the other ones just go into modeling or something. We barely need them.Just use them for bikini contests throughout the show :dawg:
  7. Death Rey will tear it up, providing she's given a consistent story, they have and have had some great talents that haven't been used. Think Beth, Natalya, Gail Kim and Kharma amongst others. The last is not entirely their fault however.
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  8. Hey seabs is active :dawg:
  9. Sadly, Gail's back with TNA.

    The state of the "Divas Division" (what was wrong with just calling it the "Womens Division"....really?) is sadly lackluster. You have some extremely talented and athletic women who can really go to the ring and wrestle (Beth, Natalya, Kharma, AJ, Layla (that was a shock to me)), but their time is too often taken by women who are in it for the modeling contract (who shall remain nameless). Hopefully, the addition of Sara Del Rey will herald a new revitalization of the division and we'll see the belt being defended in good matches, much like it was when the top of the division was Trish Stratus, Lita, and Mickie James (see my post in the wrestlers I miss thread).

  10. I actually quite like Kim in TNA, she shouldn't have dropped the belt to Tessmacher by any means but she had a decent run as champ, always pulling out entertaining matches.
  11. ^This. The girls on NXT seem promising, and signing Del Rey pretty much solidifies the fact that Trips is wanting to bring in wrestlers for the division. Never understood why they wanted models anyway, you still get eye candy with the ones who can wrestle...

    The Layla/Beth matches at recent PPV's have been fine matches, maybe if the crowd wasn't "LOL Divas' Match" they would have been received better.
    WWE just needs to give them a chance, maybe Triple H and his "Bring In Actual Wrestlers" movement can provide that.
  12. If she wrestles it'll be great to see her, I'm sure she can put on entertaining matches if given the chance and time.
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