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  1. We should have one IMO. Piss yellow, next to the B I and U, or Right before the images. Sarcasm on, and end sarcasm. Tired as hell so cant explain as well as i'd like, but you get the idea. Anyone else interested?
  2. This is a great fucking idea. Let's start this right away. I can't believe how brilliant this is.
  3. Not sure if this post will be edited and piss yellow after/if this actually works ^
  4. No! I'm not being sarcastic! I am 100% serious! It is impossible to know if people are being sarcastic without making it yellow! Let's do it ASAP! See, this post isn't yellow! Dead serious!
  5. Packing up my balls and going home.
  6. Automated Message: Suggestion Accepted
  7. [​IMG]
  8. you need to drink more fluids
  9. Lol Aids was murdered.

    Serious answer: It will just encourage sarcasm with naturally makes you noobs argue with each other. Denied broski.
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