News Sasha Banks Addresses Fans that Stalk Her at Airports & Hotels

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  1. It was reported over SummerSlam weekend that Sasha Banks was booed after she came outside her hotel after Saturdays’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III event. Banks apparently left her hotel to get some pizza and there were many fans outside. After she retrieved her pizza, she didn’t acknowledge the fans trying to get her attention. They then started to boo her.

    While speaking to Sam Roberts for a live podcast, Banks was asked if she has worked on her “airport face” at all. This is where Banks addressed fans who would wait for her at airports and hotels while shes on the road and try to get her to sign groups of of 8″x10″ photos. She accuses these individuals that wait at her hotel or the airports of stalking her.

    You can listen to her remarks below:

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  2. Well, You'll get that When Ur Good at doing what you do. Any Famous "Actor" will go thru that. Its such a shame how crazy the fans get. There really is no need for it

  3. Imagine having to travel 24/7 year round and in a few of your only private moments people selfishly bombard you wanting autographs and pictures. Anyone would be pissed at that, Actor or ATHLETE.
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  4. I wouldnt be able to handle that at all. A person needs their space. What cant the paparazzi understand that?