News Sasha Banks "Attacked" by Nia Jax Prior To Raw

Grievous 3D

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The replay they showed on RAW from the "Hard Camera" angle looked great...better
than this footage...But...why was Nia wearing her wrestling gear? She didn't have a
match on RAW it seemed kind of strange that she would wear her full outfit
just to attack Sasha.

The whole feud seems kind of shallow to me...I mean I'm all for pushing new talent...
but this feud seems beneath I've been posting [HASHTAG]#sashadeservesbetter[/HASHTAG]

I honestly think Nia tapping out at Survivor Series (while a cool moment for Becky)
really hurt her as a character...and her character will be damaged even more if she
taps out to the bank statement against Sasha.

I hope if they do a RAW/SmackDown trade/draft later this year...I really hope Sasha
goes to SmackDown for Becky. That would really help freshen up the entire women's
division and perhaps help develop Sasha's character.

The truth is Nia Jax and Dana Brooke should both be sent back to NXT to improve
and develop their skills...and if you want to keep it fair...send Eva Marie & Carmella
back to NXT as well...although Carmella has been pretty solid since being on the
main roster.

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