News Sasha Banks got married... apparently

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Aug 7, 2016.

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  1. "The boss was pictured wearing what looks like a wedding dress sparking reports she has tied the knot with Sarath Ton."

    "Ton, who is also known as Mikaze, is a former professional wrestler who has worked for WWE.
    The day caps off a brilliant couple of weeks for Banks who won the title on Raw after defeating Charlotte.
    Her husband worked as one-half of a “jobber team” in a handicap WWE dark match against Ryback – who announced he left the company today.
    The Big Guy posted a video on his Instagram account confirming his departure.
    Ryback went on to thank the company and wish them the best for their future endeavours in a tongue-in-cheek promo."

    I guess this happened in the mix of Ryback leaving so no one noticed. lol

    Dude is a legit nerd (in a good way) so I am sure they will be very happy together. He likes anime and gaming.

    Mikaze (@IamMikaze) | Twitter
  2. More like it went unnoticed because Sasha did not spread it all over her social media that she was getting married like Lana did. And Sasha actually got shit for that from "diva twitter", who wanted the details and to be in the know.
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  3. I don't follow anyone from WWE on social media so I wouldn't know. I just happened to see the story mixed in with wwe news.
  4. How the fuck is anybody going to notice.. Sasha knows the fans don't give a shit, so she's not going to yap about it like most freaks in WWE.. All they seem to talk about is their relationships, like the fans give a shit... I respect the fact that Sasha realizes the fans don't care, so she's not going to talk about it.
  5. I follow few wrestlers, but a lot of people in the know. And Sasha got a lot of heat with the "diva community" since they did not know that she got married. And they pride themselves on knowing a lot about what is going on amongst the divas personal lives
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  6. Why would fans not care about her getting married? If you are a fan one someone, you care about things like this. And you are happy for them. :dafuq: wrong with you?
  7. I honestly don't blame her for wanting to be private about it. They should know to respect something like that if she wants to make it an intimate event. I'm happy for her. She did it the way she wanted.
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  8. People actually got mad because she decided to keep her private life private? Idiots, I'm happy for the Bo$$ tho'. Has to be having the greatest time of her life.
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  9. If you're a fan of them, support their career.. Her personal life has nothing to do with her career, weirdo.
  10. Diva twitter is scary. There are people emotionally invested in Nathalie Neidhardt's cats.

    Honestly the diva pervert twitter is less creepy than pure diva fan twitter
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. WTF is Diva's twitter? A group overly attached Women's wrestling fans?
  13. Sounds like they are the WWE version of TMZ for the women wrestlers :dawg:
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  14. It's name given to the part of wrestling twitter that is more interested in the divas/women
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  15. Good for her.
  16. I don't blame her for not making a big deal about it. As a pro wrestler you have enough attention in the spotlight as it is. Good for her, and I wish her a happy marriage.

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    Also, is anyone going to break the news to Al Blizzard?
  17. Good stuff for Banks and Mikaze.
  18. Messiah is salty that his one in a billion chance with her is gone now.
  19. I think Messiah is a female.
  20. Okay, Messiah is salty because her one in a billion chance with her is gone.
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