Battleground Sasha Banks' Mystery Partner

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  1. Sasha Banks will have a mystery partner at WWE Battleground on July 24 when she faces Charlotte and Dana Brooke in a tag-team match. The obvious choice is Bayley.

    It seems as though Bayley is the obvious choice but I think there are better options out there. Nothing against Baley or anything... With that being said, who do you think it should be or it will be?
  2. I would prefer Asuka. Not a fan of Bayley at all.
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  3. If Bayley is considered a big thing down at NXT - and I'm not implying otherwise by any means - wouldn't it be somewhat of a waste to have her debut at fucking Battleground and in a meaningless tag match?

    Storylinewise, Paige is probably the only reasonable choice, unless someone else unexpected shows up?
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  4. This.
  5. Wish it was me :mj:
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  6. Carmella or Alexa please
  7. e-vil emma clapclapclapclapclap

    How about the ultimate TL:emoji_grin:R with a three up, three down article?


    Sounds crazy given the rest of this thread is almost saying "This is a waste of a Bayley debut at Battleground" - fuck off with that anyway - but I think it's too BIG of a spot. The whole appeal of Bayley is in the writing. She's a dork. She's over because she's so likable despite her best friends turning on her and being left behind as the rest of the great girls get called up and dealing with all these terrible people and AHH I WANNA SEE HER SUCCEED SO BADLY AND... That's part of why we know this character has less of a main roster chance than Tyler Breeze did, because she's a HUGE deal on NXT and therefore has to be treated as a big deal on the main roster and... just in a snap, Bayley gets pretty exposed as someone who's largely a "subpar talent". Eventually putting her with Ryan Ward on Smackdown is a great idea though, but I assume Bayley's being delayed until after she gets her rematch with Asuka.

    Seriously though, "Emma as a surprise mystery opponent to turn on Dana" could work on paper but even I don't care about that. :blackshock:

    NO on Paige. NO no no no no do NOT. Nothing against her but you spent at least 2 weeks of build just for Sasha to say "I've got a mystery partner!" after we all assume the tag match with Paige is happening anyway and nobody gives a shit about the drama of the mystery partner, so now if you're like "dundundaadaa, it's Paige!" we were rewarded for our apathy towards this pointless circlejerk of nothing. Seriously why announce the mystery partner if it's going to be lame? That's why the mystery partner thing doesn't draw, this is just getting our hopes up for no reason because someone in the back thought it would be funny to troll the internet with OMG IT MITE B BAYLEY Y'ALL

    Sidenote: No, don't have Lita or someone be the mystery partner and then pin Charlotte and disappear, unless you want Ashley Flair to also show up at UFC 203. Fuck off with that lol

    anyway, positives:

    Shadow said it. Carmella as Sasha's sidekick? That.... could... work quite well! Hell Carmella's the perfect callup right now. She's lost in the NXT shuffle, improved at an alarming rate, and is so small a name that there's so little pressure on her to perform/underwhelm on the main roster. And that's a really cool way to debut her. Sticking her with Enzo and Cass is a waste of time unless they're going to re-meet in new viginettes, neither act really needs the other, so lets do this!

    Timing doesn't matter for Asuka. She can just arrive anytime and kick faces. Yay! And this is such a great time because of the look on Dana's face will be priceless... Hey, they can even call Dana back up to NXT so she can "dominate the NXT Diva's Division" or whatever while the commentators make clearly veiled references on her ducking Asuka.

    The best idea I've seen for this, though, would be Becky just going berserk. Crush Natalya. Take little offense, just ground and pound and T-Bone Suplex the life out of her, get a dominant win, show the heels looking impressively at her performance and Sasha saying "Oh btw, that's my partner..."
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  8. Seems very likely but inb4 Becky Lynch.
  9. It has to be either Becky, Paige or a returning Woman because I don't see WWE wasting Bayley's main roaster debut on a throw away tag team match.
  10. Don't understand that argument tbh. It's the PPV before SummerSlam, and with the lack of big matches it'll surely be in a nice spot.

    My worry would be that if they called up Bayley or Auska right before SS, it'd take away a lot of the hype from Sasha right now. Everyone wants to see Sasha, they want to see her win the title. Add Bayley or Auska to the mix and a large portion would go to them.

    Main reason I think Carmella or Alexa are the best picks, they aren't predictable like Paige or Becky. And they aren't big enough names to take the spotlight from Sasha.
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  11. It's me... I'm just as girly as anyone on the women's roster!

    In seriousness though, I'm such a big fan of women's wrestling and WWE has a tendency to disappoint me that I'll just wait without getting my expectations up for anyone.


    I'd rather just wait and just be happy with whomever they pick.


    I swear I'm not thinking or hoping for anyone.


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  12. You drunk :aids:
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  13. Everytime Bayley comes on I feel like I'm watching Disney Channel or Nick Jr.
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  14. Unfortunately not.
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  15. Nike Jr is the amazing of all time. :aids:
  16. If only it were Victoria Justice instead :gusta:
  17. If you've noticed a trend of people getting called up after either their big run has run out/they have nothing better to do at the time, the callups seem to be dictated by "NXT Creative has nothing for you" more so than "Hey you're the best prospect, come to Raw we need a guy".

    With Asuka vs Bayley II likely happening at TO: Brooklyn, Carmella/Alexa/possibly Nia are all more likely than Asuka/Bayley
  18. Taryn Terrell. It's going to be Taryn Tits.
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  19. I wish the fan groupthink hasn't decided Bayley or bust here. WWE is in a tough spot and has to deliver big.

    And sorry but if it's Nikki Bella this PPV gets an instant 0/10 because that's a level of fail previously unknown to mankind. :kitler:
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