News Sasha Banks Reveals Who She Wants to Face at WrestleMania

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Jul 24, 2013
While speaking to Ringside Collectibles, Sasha Banks was asked about possibly facing Ronda Rousey and mentioned that she believes that she could beat her in a wrestling match.

“She would go down! We’re talking about a wrestling match, right? Not MMA, because I would go down. Wrestling? No, that’s my ring honey bunny and you can’t step in my ring, okay? I’m the ‘Legit Boss’ of the WWE and you are? [Puts hand to her ear] Oh, that’s what I thought, sorry.”

When asked about who her dream match would be against at WrestleMania, she mentioned Bayley as the perfect opponent for her on the the grandest stage of them all.

“I’d choose Bayley one-on-one, but I would love to have the Four Horsewomen [in a] Fatal 4-Way [Match] at WrestleMania. I think that would be amazing.”

You can check out the full interview embedded below:

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