Sasha Not Happy With Creative Either..

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solid Snake, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. Now Sasha Banks is speaking out about the issues with WWE...
    She spoke on Austin's show and had a lot to say but here is some of it:

    "‘In today’s day and age I feel like all these babyfaces are really the heels, and all these heels are really the babyfaces – because that’s what the fans are cheering now. The fans are just cheering the heels and booing the babyfaces because they want to see people kick ass. They want to see them saying stuff and doing stuff in more of a gritty way..."

    "They only really write for the championship match. Hopefully we get some Tag Team Women’s Championships coming up so we have more of a story."

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  2. And I'm pretty sure its statements like these that are the reason
    why Sasha has never had a successful title defense and a reign
    longer than a month.

    She's right of course...and I respect her for voicing her opinions...
    but I'm pretty sure the WWE doesn't.

    The fact is the WWE doesn't know how to book credible babyfaces
    anymore...and I think the crowds cheer the heels because they are
    more interesting and more developed as characters.

    Sasha was basically pushed aside when Alexa Bliss arrived on RAW...
    which happened right in the middle of a possible heel if to say
    fuck you to the audience and shit on normal story telling.

    And now she's getting her incredibly pert butt kicked every week by
    Paige & her Bitches...because forget the wellness policy violations
    and leaked porn videos & images...Paige has a film coming out about
    her life...SO PUSH!!!


    I hope Sasha gets on run on SmackDown during this brand split...
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  3. inb4 she is feuding with Nia over Enzo....
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  4. [​IMG]

    No Snake! Don't give them ideas!!!
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    TAG TEAM TITLES?????????

    THEY CAN'T EVEN BOOK THE MALE TAG TEAMS RIGHT, WHAT MAKES HER THINK holy shit why am I all caps? But what makes her think a women's tag division is going to work?

    They already have enough trouble as it is trying to get people to care about the singles matches in that division, let alone introduce a championship that'll be defended in boring ass tag matches.

    Sasha is wilding out.
    Next thing you know she's gonna say she's actually good at her job. :anderson:
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  6. I'm sure it was a one off, but if this does grow to become a thing then it is sad to say they will lose a lot of attention with the woman's division. I mean let's be real, we do love to see the woman with a lot of skin on show, it's our male nature.
  7. Look at how the women dress there and you will see why. It isn't about their clothing, the fact that they let women wrestle is what is impressive here.
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