Rumor Sasha Wins...Because of the Teen Choice Awards?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Grievous II, Jun 27, 2017.

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  2. I think the better question is who cares about the teen choice awards?!
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  3. The WWE Creative/Booking team?
  4. no, that's dumb
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  5. Nope. Cena & Bella Twins are also nominated....Where are their push? where's their advertising? Trust me Grievous it isn't because of the teen choice awards. It's because Sasha is the best face woman they have on the raw roster after Bayley who has just been defeated by Bliss. Alexa's still gonna win and dominate because RAW likes to have dominant RAW heel champions. Face Women champs are transitional on RAW right now.
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  6. I think there is a good chance of that. WWE do this kind of thing all the time.

    It could also be that there is a very small pool of ladies to work from so it's just a coincidence.

    The only thing we know for sure is that Vince originally promised the title shot to Ryback.
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  7. Excuse me what?
  8. I'm sure it'll be all over his next podcast.
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  9. Oh...a joke...sorry...I didn't get it...
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  10. Though I never put it past WWE to do these kind of things from time to time, I seriously doubt it in this particular case. If you think about it, being how they've completely fucked over Bailey with their horrendous booking, who else was/is there besides Sasha?

    Ain't nobody going to be interested in a Bliss/Jax match or a Bliss/Jaymes match, Emma they continue to book poorly (plus heel versus heel in this case does not work at all) and...hell no it can't ever be Dana so, again, who else is there, for now at least?
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  11. They still do teen choice awards?

    Further more, who in their right mind would base anything on the choices of some sex crazed social media addicted teens?


    Damn you Vince. You better not.
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  12. A fair call...I just find it funny that Sasha is nowhere near the title...
    and then BANG! Number 1 contender and a pay per view title match.
  13. To be fair, even though I don't really like her, you cannot deny that she does have a huge fan following and talent. I think that's why she got the title shot, but I don't think it was because of this. I'm sure it was brought up during the booking session, but not the main reason
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  14. Raw has only one credible babyface challenger. And she won the match
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  15. Well...none of those three are currently "active" at the moment...
    although Cena may be having a match at SummerSlam.

    If anything...this makes my "idea" about Sasha winning and getting
    the title shot because of the Teen Choice Awards look even more
    plausible as Sasha is the only one nominated who is currently active
    with a "story line" at the moment.

    Personally...I don't care why Sasha is given a title shot and hopefully
    the belt...I just want her to win it and hold on to it for longer than 30 days.
  16. Hey I thought you liked Alexa a tonne when she was on smackdown but lately it seems as if you're no longer a fan of hers as much?
  17. I do like Alexa and I was happy for her to be pushed on SmackDown...
    Once they moved her to RAW and put the belt on her...I just felt that
    the booking/creative team has over pushed her. much as I've tried to look the other way in the past...she is
    nowhere near good enough in the ring for the position WWE have
    booked her in.

    Alexa seemed more interesting and exciting when she first debuted
    on SmackDown...but now its like...

    "Okay...she's cute and can talk...but that isn't enough"
  18. It's funny because she is so good on the mic. Well at least when she was on SD, haven't seen her on RAW. But the other women are good in the ring but horrible on the mic, sound so terribly rehearsed and scripted. Not natural.

    I prefer the character over the in ring skill, to a degree.