Sassy girl flips off judge in court; gets whooped for her troubles

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 8, 2013.

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    I lol'd so hard at INSTANTLY getting 30 days for flipping that old fucker off lmao.

    I thought it was sort of bullshit though. This judge was being a massive prick and she is just a giggly little girl. She was really mature about everything, with him trolling her and all, she is just immature in the sense that she doesn't understand that court is serious. Him doubling her shit just because she said 'adios'? after he condescendingly said 'bye bye'? fuck him. old fat prick

  2. This dude is a piece of shit.
  3. come on dude I'm not that bad
  4. The chick's silliness and mannerisms maker her kinda cute.
  5. I'ma steal this youtube comment and leave it right here

    There's a difference between teaching discipline and exerting power unnecessarily. He added $5000 to her sentence because she said 'adios' in a way that bothered him. That's the problem with the justice system, we give a stranger 30 seconds to assess who somebody is and give them a pen to sign away their future. Yes she was disrespectful but she is 18, probably? has a shitty life. A real judge would take the time to find the problem with her instead of just giving her ridiculous fines.
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  6. That's murrica justice for you. Judges give you fines and charges the way teachers give you time outs for misconduct. That judge would not survive a day on this forum, Gohan, Aids, Dolph's, Johnathan, & Zach would destroy him and make him leave
  7. Gohan would lecture him on the grandfather law.
    Jonathan would tell him that his internet is better than his crappy internet..
    Zach would rant about how he sucks at Fifa.
    Aids would post something like "Oh, TNA > You at judging"
    Dolph's would start cursing and calling the newfag judge user a newfag.
  8. I'd tell him Dixie Carter can tell a better story than the prosecutions stupid ass did, and then let him know that TNA > his courtroom. After that id post workaholics gifs to let him know i mean business.

    ETA: The D'z part would be hilarious. "I dont care where the fuck you think you are from, newfag, but sit the fuck down and find your place in the back of the line" is how i would assume that would go. Probably would include :pity1: a few times.
  9. Wow, she said adios and it's pretty clear from the way she speaks most likely spanish is on the same level as english in her household. What a fuckface of a judge, who said "bye bye" all cocky and then doubled the fucking fine? Lawyer up again and hope you can bring something against the city, but most likely, she is fucked.

    Also the Rick ross jewelry comment really shows how young she is. She probably has a couple grand max, dude is rocking a 10k watch and this asshole takes everything at face value. What a fucker.
  10. Watching that video but thinking this:


    Uhh Mista Gambini?
  11. I really wanted to cockslap that asshole judge.

    I did nearly shit though when he goes "Did you just say.... "fuck me?""
  12. That was awesome. The middle finger was a kid move, she barely put it out. He was a fucker and deserved to get told off, if he had given me 30 days i would have went off, all slurs and foaming at the mouth shit. What did she do, was that ever stated?
  13. Possession of something. Also pretty sure if you did dig in on the judge your 30 days would just be 90, then 180, ect. The more you went the worse it would be.
  14. You can just ask to change judges, same lawyer, then appeal to the sentencing, and the longer i sit the stronger my case, as the first reasoning for him to double the fine was outrageous and would never hold up against an unbiased judge, you just have to play your cards and hope they dont deny your hand entirely.
  15. I think you have too much faith in the system.
  16. Go through it sometime, my faith is almost nonexistant. My pride is what makes it all worthwhile.
  17. She was old enough to know how to act in a court room. Show some respect and stop acting like trash. Its funny how everyone is sticking up for the girl. She shouldn't be acting like that in a court room, specially in front of a judge. If I was a judge and a cocky little teen girl flicked me off, I wouldn't stand for it either.
  18. They asked her a question and she answered it. Then the judge started trolling her. She giggled, and he was butt hurt. 18 year old girls sometimes giggle. Clearly you have no soul if you take that fat assholes side. The entire adios thing was beyond pathetic. She clearly is hispanic and as Aids said there is a likely chance she speaks spanish with her friends/family or at least at times. So her saying adios was probably just a natural thing. He can say bye bye like a 4 year old but she can't say adios just because he doesn't like the tone? fuck that, he is overstepping his bounds by provoking her and then handing out ridiculous punishment when she reacts. He is a grown fucking man and she is a child.
  19. I have no soul? I respect authority. I respect my parents. I respect my elders. That means I have no soul? Really, I had no idea that giving people respect meant you didn't have a soul. No wonder 90% of the teenage population pisses me off... Its because they have souls and I don't!

    Regardless of what he said/does and I know there are people who over step their power and abuse it, she should have respected his authority as a judge and not acted like trash in his court room. He probably doesn't have the patience to deal with teenagers who think they know everything anymore.

    But what the heck do I know! I don't have a soul! :pity:
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