News Satanists Unveil Statue for Oklahoma Capitol

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    This artist’s rendering provided by the Satanic Temple shows a proposed monument that the New York–based Satanic group wants to place at the Oklahoma state capitol.

    The Satanic church that applied for a permit to erect a monument to Satan next to the Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma state-capitol building has unveiled its proposed design.

    Read more: Oklahoma: Satanic Temple Unveils Monument for Capitol |

    Hey freedom of religion, right? :dawg:
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  2. Looks like Muffassa and the Buck on the front of jagermeister banged. Dig it.
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  4. I bet when Satan speaks, his tone matches that of a black metal riff.
  5. Would be better if it were Ozzy on the throne.
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  6. Everytime someone gets close to the statue...."SHARON!!!"
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  7. Be better if it was Stalinists
  8. Wish I had a statue like that in my front yard or something.
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  10. Looks cool, I wanna a replica.
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