Saturday morning slam discussion thread.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Hate all you want this opening segment is dope, Foley is the GM and out comes Bryan who's annoyed at being over looked rocking the best hair style ever by the way.

    Oh wow its Mr Ziggles, yes no as they duel back and forth. Ziggles vs Bryan :gusta:
  2. Slater is pretty good on commentary going against Foley appointment. Dazzler dancing? Wow this is awesome
  3. Bryan busting out the head stand :obama: How great are these two?
  4. So they choose to have segments with Brodus and Tensai dancing on the main show, where the majority of viewers are over 18, and have this awesomeness on the show aimed at children.

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  5. Albin watch it seriously its great so far, nothing is serious.

    DZ cranking out sit ups and counting them :haha:
  6. Haha this episode was awesomesauce.
  7. This sounds legit awesome, gonna go watch now. What inspired you to start watching may I ask?
  8. Dazzler wins :yay: omg I love Slater I can smell his beard from here. Sweet T and Clay no dancing Wtf Mick? Wait dude love :yes: ooo Rosa
  9. bear puns galore :gusta:
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  10. Some Swedish guy posting a GIF of Bryan dancing. Don't take it srsly and you'll enjoy it
  11. Tensai looks like a true pimp hungry hungry hippos?
  12. Tensai busting out the fucking Monkey Flip like a champ.
  13. Slater talking about Tensai and his face tats is great fit some reason could do with some 3mb.

    Sunset flip, Tensai you're a bsbe.
  14. This theme is so catchy still....
  15. Lol at Primos lol Wtf do I do now.
  16. Actually disappointed its ended 8/10 show by WWE Standards
  17. We should sticky this thread and use it as the discussion thread for SMS, no need for a weekly one considering the show is like 30 minutes.
  18. I'm in for that brother, press the button.
  19. Stickied. Do we need to do something similar for NXT since it is one hour or does the one thread a week system work for it?
  20. Need to remember to watch NXT, we should synctube them so I don't forget
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