Saturday Morning Slam has rumored stupid rule

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Sounds like a silly rule

  2. That doesn't leave much does it since you obvs cant go below the waist either.
  3. What is left: Armbars and ankle locks basically.
  4. Oh dear.
  5. So no slams, throws, jesus.

    It's pathetic. If WWE is PG atm then what is the difference between normal shows and this show?
  6. Perfect battle ground for divas lmao as thats bout all half of them can do!
  7. This one is basically G
  8. WWE Just simply make Wrestlers compete in Sumo Costumes.. and ship it to Nickelodeon..
  9. I like it. WWE, protecting the youth of America.

    Smh @ the barbarians ITT who want kids ages 3-8 seeing such horrific violence on Saturday morning programming. Shame on you all. I hope Randy Orton surpise RKOs you all when you least expect it and breaks all of your necks. We will see how funny those brutal assaults are then, tough guys.
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  10. Sad fact: itll be more funny then Russel Brand.
  11. God that is awfully stupid.
  12. SEE kids you f up again.
    Just knew this would fall.

    Get real please.

    What's next no contact whatever so ever?

  13. :lol1: Just wait until some wrestler accidently forgets this and locks that headlock rest hold, getting fired in the process.
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  14. After hard thought, I have decided this is the worst idea ever.
  15. :kiss: That is a great idea! For this Saturday, Big Show vs Great Khali in a starring contest! We're sure to milk the money off those bratz!
  16. It wont even be wrestling soon.. it will just be all promos
  17. Rule is confirmed:

    I guess they'll try to sell the Boom Drop as a legit finisher.
  18. OH LORD!Can't that just edit the hold out?
  19. I'd be for this, but it is reallly hard to wrestle convincingly without using the entire body at some point.
  20. Why does WWE have to ruin everything to do with wrestling? :sad:
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