Saturday Morning Slam may be finished?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 9, 2013.

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  3. Not surprising, but is the show doing better then the other ones? If it's doing well in ratings, I can see them bringing the show back.
  4. Let's look at all the memorable moments SMS has brought us.....

    Oh wait, there are none.
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  5. i think i watched the 1st episode then stopped they should Cancel Slam and ME and bring ECW back
  6. Isn't Mick Foley the GM or something???
  7. Yeah he is, but hes touring his comedy show here in the Uk at the mo
  8. the only good thing that came from SMS was WJ's parody of it
  9. Ultimately Saturday Morning Slam is just another way to reach out to their younger audience. The matches they have on SMS aren't vital to any current storyline on Raw or Smackdown, but it does build that relationship with their younger audience (as well as another way to bring in revenue). If they want to continue the immense support that they get from the younger fanbase then the WWE should make sure they get another season lined up with the CW Network.
  10. SMS was awesome. Best show in the WWE.
  11. Daniel Bryan and Bears disagree. Seriously SMS was awesome because of its ridiculousness, the wrestlers were having fun and it translated well.
  12. All of these haters hating on the awesomeness that is SMS :aries:
  13. SMS is ten times more entertaining than Raw or Smackdown.
  14. They have another season planned but they wont air til August if it does go ahead. I will say though, when i saw Smackdown live in November, i learned that the Saturday Morning Slam they taped there was shown in December.
  15. Oh interesting. That would make sense why their shows don't always follow the current storyline.
  16. Why? They can't even handle two main shows, let alone three.
  17. Why should we even care about this jobbers show?
  18. More entertaining than Raw or Smackdown for one.
  19. If you can suspend disbelief and not care that the match/segment you are watching is meaningless, sure.
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