Weekly Saturday Night Exodus - Week 1 - Match Card

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The Red Nosed Master!
Match Card:

Tournament Matches:

JJ Colton @InFaMoUs1 vs Randy Borton @Randy Borton
Winner: @Randy Savage
Reason: FTJ coming in to
destroy both of you!

Lukey @LukeTheGreatFTW vs Jason Frost @W0LFBAN3666
Winner: @LukeTheGreatFTW
Reason: see below reason

Tyson Frost @SmudgyParasite vs Blackjack @DemonHunter1257
Winner: @DemonHunter1257
Reason: you can't have two frosty guys win in the same night

The Webmaster @MintMidget69 vs Luis Alvarado @Hybrid
Winner: @MintMidget69
Reason: hes apart of the master family!

Robert Blake C Closed vs King Votan @KingsPunch
Winner: C Closed
Reason: why not?

The Amazing H SupaHeeroh SupaHeeroh vs Ty Creed Ellis Sullivan Ellis Sullivan
Winner: Ellis Sullivan Ellis Sullivan
Reason: did you not watch the movie Creed?

Caleb Hayes Jonny Nostradamus Jonny Nostradamus vs Ben Song @Papa Franku's ear
Winner: Jonny Nostradamus Jonny Nostradamus
Reason: hes the Heavywight!

Reaper @Legit Boss vs Des Pierson Emo Emo
Winner: @Legit Boss
Reason: what is a emo?

Singles Match: Richie Sixx @SupernaturalJag vs Kevin Taylor Vioxx Vioxx
Winner: @SupernaturalJag
Reason: never seen Vioxx
I voted for Blake back in the day? Ew.
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