Weekly Saturday Night Exodus - Week 1 - Results

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    Match Card:

    Tournament Matches:

    JJ Colton @InFaMoUs1 vs Randy Borton @Randy Borton
    Winner: Randy Borton

    Lukey @LukeTheGreatFTW vs Jason Frost @W0LFBAN3666
    Winner: Lukey

    Tyson Frost @SmudgyParasite vs Blackjack @DemonHunter1257
    Winner: Blackjack (via randomiser)

    The Webmaster @MintMidget69 vs Luis Alvarado @Hybrid
    Winner: Luis Alvarado

    Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur vs King Votan @KingsPunch
    Winner: King Votan (via no contest)

    The Amazing H @SupaHeeroh vs Ty Creed @Ellis Sullivan
    Winner: The Amazing H (via randomiser)

    Caleb Hayes @Jet Starr vs Ben Song @Papa Franku's ear
    Winner: Caleb Hayes

    Reaper @Legit Boss vs Des Pierson @Emo
    Winner: Des Pierson

    Singles Match: Richie Sixx @SupernaturalJag vs Kevin Taylor @Vioxx
    Winner: Richie Sixx
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  2. I refuse to face @Randy Borton unless he wears a milkman uniform.
  3. I feel like I should clear up what has made @MintMidget69 so salty since I made a decision based on his match.

    He and Hybrid had their match. After Hybrid hit 5 finishers and he kicked out of all of them on the 6th, the match ended. Midget then claimed his controller disconnected and wanted a rematch. I dont have any proof apart from word of mouth that his controller went off, so I left it to Hybrid. Hybrid couldnt play a rematch, and honestly, after hitting 6 finishers he kinda deserves a win at that point anyway. I dont know how close the match was, and honestly after the complaining I refuse to care.
    Midget claims he wouldve gave the rematch if it was on the other foot but since it isn't, it's hard to say. I cant force a rematch. I left it to them two and Hybrid couldnt play a rematch so there it is. What else was I supposed to do? It's not my fault or Hybrids that Midgets controller went off. That's on him/ his controller.

    But of course, i'm the bad guy.
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  4. Then I guess I advance to the semi finals then.

    Easy win
  5. cheap
  6. don't make me get Chad to get you
  7. m8 Chad loves my nanny, he ain't drinking your stale ass milk.
  8. I wasn't "salty" about you, I just think he (not you) should have give me the match, sorry if it seems like my comments were aimed at you, I can assure you I am only "salty" about that and only that.
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  9. Like I said in the inbox, it's only week 1. If you get wins you'll get other title shots in the future. It's just a game at the end of the day.
  10. say it to my face
  11. Ask Shaftdaddy oh wait, he has you blocked!
  12. I gotta say me and @Randy Borton had a good match, He deserves that win.
  13. I disagree because I was beating everyone in the previous league and didn't get anything.
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  14. jokes on him, I blocked him first for giving me that belt.

    fuk da shaftdaddy
  15. told you not to look past me bish

    thanks bud.
  16. Don't take tone with me Mr. Shaftdaddy is your only daddy if you like it or not.
  17. don't make me kill you
  18. Borton my allegiance is to the Republic, to DEMOCRACY!

  19. if you're not with me, then you're my enemy