Weekly Saturday Night Exodus - Week 17 - Match Card

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    [​IMG] VS [​IMG]
    Singles Match: Ben Song @Papa Franku's ear vs Robert Blake @TheFrostyBlur

    [​IMG] VS [​IMG]
    15 Minute Iron Man Match: Luis Alvarado @Hybrid vs Todd McKay @MintMidget69

    The Amazing H copy.png Lukey copy.png VS Gareth Wolf copy.png [​IMG]
    Tag Team Match: The Amazing H @SupaHeeroh and Lukey @LukeTheGreatFTW vs Gareth Wolf @RedDwarfTechy and Tyson Frost @SmudgyParasite

    [​IMG] VS none copy.png
    Singles Match: Des Pierson @Emo vs Ellis Klein @Ellis Sullivan

    First time i'm going to be on xbox in a few weeks this weekend. I'll be updating CAW pictures so if you've got a more recent version of your CAW you want shown on these match cards, upload them and let me know.
  2. So much for facing one of the champions..
  3. It was either that or Hybrid, and after your last match/s with Hybrid, I didn't want to put you through it again.
  4. I'd happily face you
  5. could you swap me and Todd McKay around?
  6. The tag team of Mint and Legit literally just broke up at the PPV, otherwise that would've been an option. That already went through my head.
  7. Oh okay I wasn't aware
  8. Basically, I needed 2 people to face me and Luke, then another 2 matches to make out of:

    Hybrid and Emo have had matches in the past, so I couldn't have them together again, and thought I would save them the hassle.
    Mint and Reaper just broke up, too early for a singles match and can't do the tag match together.
    Emo and Smudgy can't just redo their PPV match or tag together against me and Luke.
    I thought you and Emo going at a singles match at this point of time was a little hmmmm because reasons.

    I was running out of options and this made at least some sense.
  9. My last match with Hybrid was back and forth??? But I don't want anywhere near that cursed Iron Man Championship anyways
  10. I meant for the fact it took 2 weeks to get 1 match done. I didn't think you wanted to go through that again, and honestly neither did I.
  11. Oh okay. I forgot about that
  12. Yeah I get it
  13. Didn't someone sign up to go for the iron man title?
  14. Yeah, Mint wanted a shot at it.
  15. Shouldn't I be facing him?
  16. urgh... changed up basically the full match card. @Legit Boss is out since he technically didn't ask for a match, just posted in the I want a match thread. @RedDwarfTechy is in since he PM'd me about a match and didn't sign up. @Emo now has his match against a champion and @Hybrid is defending the title.
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  17. Oh sweet! Less doo diiiiiiiiiiis!